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Friday, February 27, 2015

Philippines! Weekly Letter!

So I tried to send you a video but I made it a bit too big so you will need to wait till next week to get it.  I wasted most of my email time trying to get it to you and its so annoying that it didnt work...sorry.

Crazy week you had though haha!  Your sense of humor is just different thats all  nobodies perfect as you right? :)

Tell C----- to get those papers in ASAP and let me know what happens!  I am so so excited to see where he ends up haha, and how far out of his comfort zone.... (Mr. C is putting his papers in soon to serve a mission for our church as well!!  Exciting times!!)

Well I love you too and I am sorry that I wasn't able to send you anything big....dumb video but I know what I have been doing wrong so you will get one tomorrow alright?  Love you tons as well and Cannot wait till mothers day as well.  I don't even know when that is actually.

We had an amazing week this week which should bring many people to the waters of baptism!  We are very excited and we are seeing some good things coming for the future.  To start off we have been failing at finding new investigators.  We talk to people but they aren't very interested most of the time.  So we realized that we needed a new way to find people so we decided to find Less Actives.  We found a Ward Directory and just started going through names of people that lived in the ward but we no longer recognized and then with a few members went out to find them.  Many of the people had moved to other places but many were very accepting of us and many promised to return to church.  As well as that, many of their families were not members and were interested in coming as well and the kids of these less active members.  One of these families was a testimony builder for me.  

We had one more family on the list that we wanted to visit and upon arriving we tagbalayed the house to see if anyone was there.  We could see people looking through the cracks of the bamboo house but it wasn't for a good 5 minutes till the father came out to talk to us.  He was a member and recognized us as missionaries but we could tell he did not really want to talk to us.  I continued to do so anyway and after some basic talking we found out that his son was very sick with a high fever and could barely move.  The father invited us in and we offered to give a blessing to him.  Right after the blessing he was able to stand and the fever was gone.  After a few minutes the father then said they would go back to church even though we had not yet committed him to do so.  The priesthood is a true power and I testify that it is indeed here upon the Earth and it was given to Joseph Smith,  a true prophet of God and it was given to him by the three Apostles Peter, James, and John.  

That was our week really, we do have a baptism this coming Saturday which I am so very excited for and I cannot wait, we still have a lot to do to help with that and the work will continue!  I miss you lots of course but I just love the Philippines and there is no where else I would rather be right now.

Elder Rubow


  1. Two serving a mission at the same time (overlapping)? Wow!

    1. Yes. Oh help my poor mommy heart!


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