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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The other night, The SM bought our family pizza for dinner.  Horray!  No cooking for me!  I love pizza night!  So does Levi.  Levi absolutely loves, adores, eats, sleeps, dreams about pizza.  Pizza, pasta, donuts, and gum.  He would live solely on pizza if I let him.  Pepperoni and sausage.  None of this just cheese stuff.  Nope!  Gotta have meat on it and lots of meat.

When ever there are enough left overs for another dinner, The Natives are told to leave it alone!  Don't touch!  If you value your life, you won't even THINK about taking those left overs with you to school/work for lunch the next day.  Save them for dinner!  Levi has caught onto this.

He loves to take the left overs from dinner and put them in a Rubbermaid container and put them in the fridge for me.  Levi also delights in left overs.  Especially left over pizza!

So, again, back to the other night.  Sorry, tangent.  It happens.  It's been a long day.  SQUIRREL!

Anyway, we had pizza the other night.  There were some left overs.  Not a ton but enough for Levi to put the pizza in the fridge and more importantly, make an interesting observation and then use it to his advantage.  The next morning, Levi observed his brother, Mr. C getting his lunch ready for the day.  Mr. C was going to take some left over pizza with him.  Levi saw this and figured something out on his own.  He told Mr. C that he needed to put the pizza back in the fridge because Dad said we were saving it for dinner!  (Dad didn't say anything of the sort.)  Mr. C promptly put the pizza back in the fridge and made himself a different lunch and then left for work.

As soon as Levi saw his brother leave for work, he went to the fridge, took out the left over pizza, and ate it all himself!

The End!


  1. That's a boy…don't take anymore chances…just eat it now! :)

  2. Strategy. Sneaky, yes. But also pretty darned smart. Mr. C, on the other hand, is gullible. Now I want pizza.

    1. Sneaky of Levi, yes. Gullible of Colin, no because we save left overs often and The SM is always getting after The Natives if they try to take left overs for lunches. Not if it is a small amount, but if it is enough for another full meal........ so, Levi saw an opportunity and then took it! Bravo!!!

  3. Replies
    1. In this particular case, I can say he takes after me. :D

  4. Clever fellow! Our household must be way out of your comfort zone; leftovers don't often make it past BREAKFAST the next day!

    1. You should see the post it notes the natives leave on the left overs trying to claim them in the fridge for the next day. It's quite funny. Levi hasn't figured out the post it note yet. He keeps taking a Sharpie and writing on my plastic containers! I think every plastic container has his name on it now.


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