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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Elder C. and Elder Rubow

so the computer crashed and I am out of time.  It took me half an hour to fix it and the time is far spent here.  So this one will be quick and rather boring to be honest. I completely forgot it was valentines day!  Shows how much I pay attention.  Not that it matters here anyway really.  I always shower/deoderant/brush/floss and all that.  You would be proud of me!

So I gave B. a challenge this week so you can talk to him about it if you want.  Rather simple really.  Thanks!

Not much to say this week really.  It was just busy busy busy.  I had a bunch of meetings today which meant no proselyting this week.  Well we worked Friday actually but other than that I have been traveling and mostly alone at that which was so weird!  I had district meeting on Tuesday, left for Iloilo that evening with my companion which took 5 hours to get to the mission home.  The next day was trainer trainees meeting because I was training and then President sent my companion back to our area but I had to stay for District Leader Committee.  I met with a lot of other district leaders and we had a lot of fun going out and talking to people before going out to eat.  I learned that it is not good to go out to eat with a missionary from Tonga and a missionary from Samoa.  I got beat so badly and I was hurting all the next day at the meeting.  After all the meetings (which were pretty fun) we went back to our respective areas.  Friday was so fast and we visited a lot of our recent converts here in the area so that was good!  Saturday morning we had interviews with President and Sister Aquino.  Those were alright but it was mostly just 'I am good and thats how I am." So that was easy.  Later that day we had Stake Conference where they talked about the importance of family and ward council meeting.  That was that!  Really simple week really.  I learned a lot though about how I could do better as a district leader so that will be very nice to put into application.

That really is my week.  It was very boring but I got to know my zone a lot better and the missionaries in it.  I love it here and I cannot wait to be able to get back to work this week and go find new people.  Thats really about it so thank you very much for everything and I will catch you next week.

Elder Rubow
 I love you!!


  1. His enthusiasm is so infectious! :)

    1. That is Elder Rubow to a "T"! He has always been my bright enthusiastic infectious boy! He spreads sunshine and happiness where ever he goes.


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