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Monday, May 30, 2011

It's About A Horse....... With No Name

Rockin' at The Rubows.


  1. Made my heart grow just a size or two...

  2. I just LOVED this! How wonderful. They are so adorable. He plays well. I am sure we even have the same guitar. How cool is that? Wish I could pull up a chair next to him and play with him. (Sad face). Tell him he rocks! His chord transition is beautiful and he can even finger strum! Way cool.

  3. WOW! That is SO impressive! We have a guitar and a keyboard in our home. But no musical abilities.

  4. It doesn't get any cuter than that. I love it!!!

  5. Kristen, Totally!

    Korrie, Smoooooth........

    Hanna, I KNOW!!

    Anony, There is hope for the grinch after all...... ;)

    Jody, Cool beans! I wish you could sit and jam with Mr. M too! He's doing very well. It is fun hearing him practice. I love his little voice.

    Wabi, People ask me all of the time if I get tired of listening to so many kid practicing. I have to say, I never have tired of it. Albeit there have been some songs I was quite happy that they passed off and I didn't have to listen to ever again..... :) Like that dang Wig-Wam song....... But for the most part, hearing my kids play is soothing to me and quite enjoyable.

    Ginna, It is fun hearing siblings harmonize because family member voices blend so well. I imagine growing up this was something you and your sibs did together..... and soon it will be your kiddos. Max playing while Sandman sings with him. :D

  6. I love your response here. Listening to them practice is music to your ears!

    And, BTW, I'll have you know that this song has been stuck in my head since I watched the video, AND Middling has been singing it too. Such a delight!

  7. Wabi, :D There are worse songs to be stuck in ones head?? :D

  8. I'll be humming this for the rest of the day now! Great rendition, you have some talented people in your household Rachel x

  9. Julie, Hope you are holding up. Thinking of you....


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