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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another Hen. A Red Hen.

After The SM had finished building our Gypsy Wagon or Taj Mahal of Poop or what ever we want to call it...... I felt that the space above the door needed something. I knew exactly what it needed.

I emailed my good friend Korrie and asked her for one of her signs. As you can see, she quickly obliged me.

Korrie and I grew up together. In separate towns, so growing up together as best as two girls can with that sort of distance. She lived across the street from my grandmother. No sweeter family could live across the street and care and watch over my grandmother than Korrie's. It just so happens...... my brother made the best and smartest decision in his life when he married Korrie's older sister, who is now my sister too. Our family adores my brother's wife. He couldn't have chosen better.

Korrie is a very talented, artistic, and brilliant lady. She refinishes furniture and when you see her work, it just amazes you! Her blog is called: Red Hen Home. Click on "Red Hen Home" and go and see for yourself. Brilliant I tell ya. Just brilliant.


  1. I love this chicken coop...I know the post is about the sign, I love it too! Who can NOT love a bead board sign? I have a Texas flag over my front porch I painted on beadboard...but anyway. So that coop? it has handles on it. I think you called it a Gypsy Wagon (like a caravan?) so do you pick it up and carry it from raised bed to raised bed or what?
    I'm new to your blog, so I'm going to snoop around in search of more coop info.
    Nice to meet you.
    ~ very interested in chicken coops at the moment, Pat

  2. Great sign.....we should have one like that :-)

  3. Korrie, It's the least I can do......

    Pat, Welcome! The original plans are for a coop on wheels that you move around your yard. I wanted to try and see if I could just move it from bed to bed so yes, we put handles on both ends instead of one, no wheels, and we move from bed to bed. Once a month. Last night we moved it again. :D I got these plans from this site:

    You'll find that Fred is most kind and helpful and has great info. on his website. Happy chicken coop hunting! :D

    Jenni, I know where you can get a sign like that. :D

  4. Ah cool, I love that it's inthe form of a gypsy wagon. Awesome:-) I so want chickens again. I'll have to adjust to eating their eggs.As long as they don't poop on them.

  5. This is very nice...the SM does good work!

  6. I have actually loved this blog for some time. Small blog world! Very talented chick. NPI, of course. ;)

  7. Carol, Good luck on the no pooping on them. If you figure that one out, do tell please!! :D That really is nasty isn't it....

    Anony, He does do good work. I'm quite pleased with it. Goodness knows there were several other things he'd rather have done than build this thing for me.

    Lori, That is so funny! Yes, the blogging world is a small world.

  8. I do love your very desirable chicken coop and it's wonderful new sign. I have missed my visits here and am swooping by for a quick one now in the last half hour before the children come home. Be back soon for a proper catch up with you and yours xxx

  9. Julie, I'm glad you swooped in for a minute. I always enjoy your visits. :)

    Jody, Tons! Everyone wins. There's too many good ones to just pick one.

  10. Wow. It almost makes me want to care for chickens. Almost.

    The Red Hen link got me totally entranced with the talent of your quasi-shirt-tail relative.

    I'm equally impressed with the SM's building talents. That Taj Mahal was no small project. It looks spectacular.

  11. Ginger, Anytime you get a hankering for caring for chickens you can come and see mine for a bit. They are fun, but they are quite messy. My sister in laws family really is amazing. They are all talented like that in one form or another. Disgusting how talented some people are. :D The SM is pretty amazing too with his talents. He's worth keeping around unlike the chickens if they don't start laying soon!


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