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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Heard it Through the Tomato Vine.........

So, I was rollin' along whistlin' a tune the other day. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out, I was gettin'  sun ripened by the blazing sun... Mindin' my own business naturally.......

Next thing I know! I come across a sight. A spectacular sight that took my breath away and made my heart go to a thumpin'....

It's a baby cupcake hat.  You knew that already right????

It was love at first sight. Couldn't be helped...

Pattern for cupcake hat can be found here.

Rumor has it through the tomato vine that the Mrs. has some time on her hands these days and has got the notion in her head of makin' more baby hats and the likes, and leg warmers, and matchin' sweaters, and is gonna try and sell em.

I hear she's a titch crazy.............


  1. I would buy it in a minute! Can I pre-order?

  2. I love your awesome tomato-man, but I love your cupcake hat even more. That is absolutely darling! Sell, sell, sell... and let me know where to buy!

  3. We've gotta have something to do when the chicks go off to school...why do you think I refinish furniture?? The hat is darling! The tomato is...weird.

  4. Sarah, Let me guess. You want the sweater and leg warmers for Evie I showed you. ;)

    Gerb, I'm trying to figure out where I want to sell. I will probably use Etsy. I'd like to get some inventory first. :)

    The tomato I picked from my garden the other day and thought it was the funniest thing and knew I had to incorporate it somehow on my blog.

    Korrie, You have a problem with big noses?? :D Yes, we do need to keep ourselves busy and you do such amazing work on your furniture. Your talent amazes me continually.

  5. So - should we start an Etsy shop? We could!

  6. Hat is too cute...story is too funny!
    If you two start a shop, I want to put some stuff in there, too...or at least benefit from your expertise after you get set up!

  7. So stinking cute! The hat, the tomato, the post- love it!

  8. I love that tomato "guy". That hat is adorable. You have a great talent.

  9. OK that is seriously cute!!! Start a shop I'm going to as well, just got to build up some stock :-)

  10. Kristen, Yes!! We should!!

    Donna, Absolutely! I think that is a wonderful idea. The more variety, the more the merrier I say.

    Nat, This is what it comes to when your kids all go off to school. You find weird looking veggies and put googly eyes on them.

    Chastina, Thank you! I'm not sure there is much talent here but I do enjoy what I do.

    Jenni, That is where I'm at. Building up stock right now. At least that is my excuse for going and buying more yarn....... ;)

  11. Okay, but what happens if it's just ONE kid that's going off to school? Am I still at risk of putting eyes on any mutant vegetables that emerge from the garden???? Yes. Yes, I can see that it is so.

    YAY for creative folks who wanna share their gifts!!!!! But the adorable hat, it has made me hungry. Off to the fridge...

  12. I could probably buy a cupcake hat.

  13. How awesome! Love the 'mater dude!

  14. Donna, Etsy needs a shaking up now and again. I say we do it.

    Wabi, Yes, I do think you are very much at risk still. Veggies have a way of going freaky on us regardless of how many Native's are around.

    Kathy, :D Let me know..... should I do it in purple?

    Jody, 'Mater dude'. That is perfect.


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