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Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a Freak!

On Monday the realization hit. Some of The Native's start school next week. I have been freaking out ever since. I sat The Native's down and declared this Rubow vacation week. We may not look like we are on vacation but we are. Our house would be our hotel, our kitchen our restaurant, and so forth. I then grabbed a piece of paper, wrote on it, and placed it on our front door.

I am freaking out because this is the last year I have all of The Native's home. This is Mr. B's Senior year. Next year, he will go on a mission for our church and be gone for two years. His brother Mr. T will follow suit a year and a half later and so on. It will be YEARS before we're all together again.

So I freaked out and told The Native's I get them all to myself this week.

We've been busy spending time together. We've spent hours playing board games around the kitchen table.

We spent the day at this place and this is one of the things that we did. I say 'we' loosely. I sat and took photos.

This will be the first time in almost 18 years that I will be home alone during the day.

I should be celebrating and thinking of all the things I'll do with my time.

I'm not celebrating. I'm freaking out.

So if I come across a little snappy and selfish with my time with The Native's over the next year.......

I should apologize but I'm not going to.

I'm a desperate freak of a mother who's chicks are leaving the nest...

and I've got my tail feathers in a real bind.....

I'm having a bad hair year.

The End.


  1. Fellow freak right here, Rachel! I so totally hear ya! My oldest moves into the dorms next week. Forget that he'll still be in the same city as me. I can not bear the idea that he will no longer be in my house. I'm totally freaking out. We need to freak out together.

    But not this week. You're on vacation. Enjoy!

  2. I love this. I was wondering if you were going to mention that you will have your entire day alone. Just think of all the teachers whose lives will be blessed because they GET the privilege of spending approx. 6 hours a day with them.

    That should make you happy (er).

    It makes me very, very happy.

  3. You and Kristen are so much alike. No wonder you LIKE each other a whole lot. She freaked out with every realization that motherhood was being wrestled away from her due to the inevitable passage of childhood.

    Perhaps you two are simply holier or more motherly than those of us who REJOICED when their kids became more independent.

    Anyway, I'm glad you declared Your Week. Golly, you do it in style! I loved your note for the front door. What spunk!!!

  4. I have not quite a decade to go until my little birdies start to leave the nest, but I still panic once in a while about it happening. I'm even still filling my nest! I don't think you're a freak at all. I think you're a good, wise mother!

    May this week be joyful for you all!

  5. i loved those pictures. what joy!!!

    side note: i typed what hungry instead of what joy because i was right in the middle of telling adam to eat something please before he goes to school and i was telling him he would be HUNGRY if he didn't eat...then i looked down at my typing and laughed...what hungry!!! :) yeah. the kids started school 3 days ago. we went crazy at the swimming pool last week. but i didn't take pictures. :)

    oh my heart. kids will start leaving us won't they? but then they will start multiplying for us....and producing wee little ones to theres that...

  6. Gorgeous family! My kiddos went back this week. I have a few weeks before I go back. My house is eerily quiet. I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your family this week.

  7. Be selfish all you want! I'm a few years behind you, but it still hits me sometimes. I wanted to have my kids close together because I'd been far apart in age from my siblings...but now it seems that will start leaving me ALL AT ONCE and I don't like that one bit!

  8. Oh My goodness! I didn't realize that Mr. B was a senior... I honestly thought he was already in college!! i am so excited for school to start! i hope my mother isn't freaking out... :D

  9. I love the pics. It made me think of the memories I'm trying to make with my chicks. You're such a good mother, I'm sure they appreciate all you do for them.

  10. Enjoy each and every day! Treasure the time for you ARE on the cusp of a new chapter. God Bless!

  11. You know what I have to say.

    I am blinking.

  12. Oh Rachel I feel for you! Time marches on so quickly doesn't it. Cherish the last few days of the holidays. PS I loved the note on the door....more families should do that! Hugs Jen xx

  13. You are right on track -- just enjoy this week and then when you are alone, enjoy that too. Six hours is a lot shorter than you might think.

  14. Awww heck, I'm heading into a bad hair year myself, though only because Eldest is going to start high school. I don't mean homeschool high school. I mean the high school high school. Terrifying, really. But at least I have a few more years before she's really, really gone.

    And good on you for sheltering your chicks beneath your wings. Those milestones, they are complex for us mamas. Celebration and loss all tangled up together.


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