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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Gypsy Wagon

Several of you have asked about the coop. The gypsy wagon which houses our ladies. Which by the way....... I need your help. I need to come up with a name for our coop. Somehow having a coop that looks like a gypsy wagon for our ladies requires a name.

Original plans for this coop were bought from this site.

I can remember the horrendous job and mess it was cleaning out the chicken coop growing up. I am a lazy person by nature. If I can figure out a way to accomplish a task with as few steps as possible, I'll do it. So, the meaning behind the madness. I want the fertilizer in my gardens. The experiment. Can we make a portable chicken coop that will fit inside my square foot gardens.... Why yes! We can. We built these gardens at the beginning of the summer and had grandiose ideas that they'd be filled with rich dirt and full of abundant plants this fall. Well, the garden boxes were built and then other things took precedence. It's a work/experiment in progress.

There's supposed to be paving stones down in between the boxes and around them too. In a few weeks those will hopefully be put into place.

Where else can you see chicken poo up close and personal?  You're welcome.

This is the first class penthouse apartment where the ladies spend their evenings and hopefully will be laying their precious eggs. That's if they figure out the golf ball I put in there is supposed to trick them into thinking it is an egg and they'll figure out that is where they are supposed to lay........ that's what my reading on the Internet tells me anyhow... we've yet to see an egg...... and the golf ball...... is missing......

So back to the original question, if there was one..... The ladies and I need to know what to call their transportable five star hotel! I'll pick a winner. Who ever wins, will get their fortune told by these ladies. For free!!

They've been telling me mine all week and so far, they've been cluck and cackle on.


  1. OK. I'm thinking. Kristen already snatched up Pooparama....hmmm.

  2. I'm not going to be any help. I usually have to ask for help coming up with this stuff. I love the idea of having it portable so the ladies can help while minimizing your work.

  3. I kind of like the name "Gypsy Wagon". Either that or "Wagonwhichwillsupplyjadon'steacherwithnourishment Wagon"

    Best of luck finding that golf ball...and some eggs.

  4. Tough one. That is a fine chicken coop. When we had chickens we built one too, I thought it to be a bit "over-engineered" but yours takes the cake in that department. We've no longer the chickens, nor the coop. I'm no god at naming things, but here's a shot:
    "Organic Manure Rover"
    "Poop Advocate Chariot"


  5. oops....*I'm not good.....(heaven knows I'm not god at anything)

  6. Donna, Her poop fest over at the pasture is a bigger project to deal with but it is of my opinion.... mine is a bigger mess. I'd much rather clean up horse poo than chicken poo anyday. Chicken poo stinks! :D

    Chastina, We'll see how it goes. It is a beast to move. The plans call for lighter wood but The SM used what he had on hand trying to keep costs down which means if there is an earthquake, I'm standing under this thing and kicking the ladies out!

    Tami, An apple a day keeps the doctor away, an egg a day has the teacher letting the kids go out and play? :D Who ever came up with giving teachers apples...... Maybe it is like zucchini. School starts when the apples are coming on and all of the parents are trying to get rid of them. "Hey kid! Go give these to your teacher"!

    Jody, One year when The SM asked me to fill in my part of our taxes, under occupation, I put, Household Goddess. :D

  7. Taj Ma Poop...
    Pollo Palace of Poop...
    Pollo Palooza Palace of Party...

    Yeah, I don't even know what you do to clean up chicken poop...well, just put it in your garden, I guess!

  8. I think you ought to call it "Rosie."

    Or maybe, "Fiona"

  9. What a great idea - we have our chickens all over the place. The eggs to when we find them. We need to relocate some to our new home and build them a new one to.

  10. Cool house for the girls!! Billy said Tinkers Wagon and I was thinking Madam Donka ( donka meaning invaluable ) and no we have not been drinking this evening ;-)

  11. Okay, I can't choose. You all had me laughing so you all win. You may each take a number and one of the ladies will tell you your fortune.

    Just step right up to the (insert list of names you all came up with) and the ladies will wow you with their insight and wisdom.

    It's the least I can do.....

  12. I have no clever suggestions for a name. I think since you've been referring to it as the "gypsy wagon" that it's going to stick! It's the most amazing chicken coop I've ever seen!

  13. Korrie, Especially made amazing by the sign you made!!


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