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Monday, August 22, 2011

You Can Take A Girl Out of the Country.......

But.............  You can't take the country out of the girl. 

First day of school for all of The Native's.  It's NUTS!  I get up a half hour before The Native's so I can have some hot water to shower with.  Half hour is up and it is time to start to make the rounds getting them all up for family prayer and then the ragged/rugged race begins.

First Native out the door at 6:45 AM to catch his bus.  Second out the door at 7:30.  Levi catches his bus at 7:35ish.  Next two Native's leave with The SM at 7:40.  Last two I walk to school at 8:30 unless it is the first day of school and Levi's bus is a half hour late and we are sitting outside trying to placate a very  upset child who doesn't do well with A) change and B) late buses!  Since this happened, I ended up taking the little Native's to school quite, as one of their teachers put it, fashionably late!  Like a good ten minutes late!  Carrying Mr. J the last little way because his legs were hurting from having to run/walk so fast so far.

All of The Natives tucked into their schools, it is time for me to run to the high school and then the junior high because somehow, for some reason, I've still not paid for their lunches.  Not before however, I remember that the chickens don't have any water.  So I clean their water hangy thingy drinking thing-a-ma-bob and jump into the truck and whiz off to the schools to pay for lunches.

Lunches paid for, it is time for the 'Marts.  A few last minute school supplies and gifts for upcoming birthdays.  Guess what else the 'Marts has to offer?  Pedicures.  Yeah.  You heard me right.  After my freak-a-zoid morning, I plopped myself down into a chair and told the gal there to give me the works.  Then, and only then, would I think about shopping............. after my toes were all gussied up.

I sat there chatting with another lady about Vegas and culture and......... did I just say Vegas and culture in the same sentence?  She'd taken her grand kids to see "Phantom" in Vegas.  That's where the culture comes in..... don'cha know.

My toes all purdy and my feet feeling all sandpapered and chiseled off from a summer of going barefoot I was ready to put on my shoes and get some shopping done.  The gal doing my toes reached down and picked up one of my flip flops and...............  Yeah.  That would be chicken crap on the side of my shoe. She didn't even bat an eye. She acted like it was an everyday occurrence. People coming in with chicken poo on their shoes.

Turning all sorts of red shades of embarrassment I slapped my shoes on and giggling ran out of that part of the 'Marts dialing my baby sis on the phone......... yet again............  only me.............  No matter how hard I try, I'll always be the one with my skirt tucked up in my panty hose or toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe....

There was a huge chunk of chicken poo on the side of my shoe.  When I got home, it had fallen off which means only one thing.  Somewhere in Wal-Mart there is a big chunk of dried chicken poo probably in the cookie aisle where I spent most of my time wandering up and down trying to decide what kind of cookies I wanted to buy, I mean, Henny Penny wanted for her birthday tomorrow.

The End!


  1. I doubt a little chicken poop is the *worst* thing that's landed on the Walmart aisles! Love your chicken coop!

  2. oh rachel! hahahahahahahaaa! i went to a funeral on thursday and i also discovered a huge wod of chicken poo on the bottom of my HEELS. how it got there... i have no clue!

  3. LOL that could be my story all over except I can't remember the last time I had a pedicure :-( Those are the cutest tootsies out! I was thinking of you and how your alone time would be going and if you had managed not to dissolve into a blob of tears, and here you are getting a pedicure! Hope the natives are settling back into school ;-)

  4. Your chicken coop is beautiful!

    And I don't think a little chicken poop ever hurt anybody.

    Happy new school year to you. Your story sure makes me glad all over again that we don't have a schedule like that!

  5. Korrie, I don't even want to imagine what is on the floor of the 'Marts. My chicken coop is made all the cuter by your darling sign!!! You still haven't answered my e-mail. How much do I owe you??

    Hanna, :D I'm not the only one!!! I'm sorry my dear. I promise. I didn't steal your heals.....

    Jenni, Yesterday was crazy insane. I didn't have time to miss them. I was till running ragged by the time they were coming home. They had early out yesterday. You need to go and get a pedicure. Life is too short not to have fresh cut flowers and pedicures! :D As for that puddle of tears....... that would be today........ Sniffle.

    Anaise, Thank you! The SM built our coop and a friend of mine made the sign. We're enjoying the 'ladies'.

    I've told people a million times that it is easier to school your kids at home. I miss having mine home........

  6. love your chicken coop! so mr. c is in school this year! Freedom Academy or phs?

  7. SO VERY MUCH easier to school the kids at home. Trying to cram all of that homework into the evening hours when EVERYONE is tired (and dinner has to be made) is ridiculous! And trying to make lunches that will actually be consumed. And having to get the laundry done in a timely coordinated manner so that the kids look presentable. And having to scrape chicken poop off of shoes.

  8. The coop, I forgot to comment on it. WOW!!!! That's some fancy living quarters! Puts our converted outhouse coop to shame.

    And your toes, they are lovely and happy. Seemingly unaffected by the emotional turmoil of their host. I do hope that they distracted you when you were dissolving.


  9. Marseille, He's at PHS. Next year he'll transfer over to UCAS where the two older ones are but he has to go freshman year at PHS first and get things like PE and the such out of the way...

    Wabi, You said it exactly! It really is. It's two hours of insanity in the morning trying to get everyone out the door and then a few hours in the evening trying to cram everything in....... it's nuts I tell ya! Just nuts! Wishing I were homeschooling them all...... The coop is an experiment. :D I wanted something I could fit on top of my square foot gardens so the 'fertilizer' would stay in the garden. We'll see how it goes. The SM tends to make things such that if there were an earth quake, everything would fall down around us excepting what ever he builds. Translation: What should be easy to move from bed to bed is now a nightmare taking several of The Native's and The SM. I think an outhouse sounds perfect at this point. :D

  10. ...and I thought I was the only one with all the luck! Bahahaha. You chicken poop shoe face poo poo! (Weird little names we make up here in this house). Love the coop, way better than what we constructed.

  11. Jody, :D Sounds like Levi language. He said I was a 'loo loo' this morning and it went from there.

  12. Haha, I love it! Everybody has some sort of chicken poo on their shoe now and then. It can be a metaphor for life!

  13. Murphy, In that case, everyday I've got chicken poo on my shoes!! ;)

  14. All that running around and you were complaining on FB about it being too quiet? I will never understand.
    Sounds like you've already named that amazing chicken coop -- Gypsy Wagon sounds perfect.

  15. Kathy, The first day I was running around like crazy and didn't have time to miss them. It was the day after that that I posted on FB. And the day after that, and the day after that..... The rest of the week basically.

  16. I'm realizing that you really have a TROOP to get going headed to the appropriate school each morning. That's no small feat, Rachel!

    Very funny Walmart story . . .

    Love, Ginger

  17. Ginger, Mornings here are insane. For about three hours and then....... I nap for the rest of the day. :D


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