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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


  • It feels like Monday.  It's not.  It's Tuesday.  My brain refuses to admit/process this.
  • I got my haircut yesterday.  Very few people like it including The SM.  He likes long hair.  Long hair is a thing of the past I'm afraid.  
  • I have a long hair wig.  I may wear that when The SM is home.  I wear it on Halloween when I don't dress up and am not a witch.  The rest of the year I dress up and pretend to be normal.
  • My house needs a face lift.
  • I need a face lift.
  • My bum needs a lift.
  • If I walk around on my hands with my feet up in the air for several hours a day do you think gravity will naturally shift things for me?
  • The Asian Pears are ready and ripe on my trees.  I love Asian Pears........
  • I hate pears.  They are grainy in texture.  Asian Pears aren't grainy.  They're sweet and crisp.  Other pears should take lessons.
  • Yesterday I drove up in the mountains.  It was beautiful.  The leaves are turning.  They are beautiful.  I miss living 'in' the mountains.  
  • If I keep adding random thoughts then I won't have to get up and do anything because it will appear as if I am doing something.
  • My chickens still look hideous.  They are still molting.  How long does molting last for crying out loud?  
  • Mr. J went to school sad today.  He said I woke him up too early.  I know how he feels......
  • I bought Mr. M some new cowboy boots.  They are my size.  They are cute.  They look good on me.  I'm gonna steal them.  He can wear snow boots when he rides horses.  
  • I've decided I am going to go back to school.  I am going to take an online class.  Do you know how much it costs to take one lousy class?  An arm, a leg, and both your ears.  In the meantime while I save up, I'm going to get out The Native's math books and try to refresh.  
  • Cleaning cobwebs between my ears is harder than it seems...........  math.  Love it.  Never was good at it............... why do I love it so much then?
  • I think the calendar is lying..........  it's Monday!


  1. *Need to see haircut short hair and the SM will get used to least the LH did.
    *Going back to school = SO exciting! What will you be when you grow up?
    *It is fake Monday here, too!
    *I am happy that you make me laugh!

    1. Photo coming shortly after I get the back to school photo done. :D

      When I grow up I'd like to be something. I don't know what. I'll get back to you on that one... but something!!! I like math. I adore math. I love math... I'M TERRIBLE AT MATH! Ask my friends...... they'll tell you I'm speaking the truth.

      I'm glad I make you laugh. That makes me happy happy happy.

    2. My little husband is a math teacher and I always thought of myself as way to free spirited to be a math person, but come to find out number fascinate me, too. I love finding math problems in random places...clocks - 3:47. I love patterns in numbers....ridiculously happy when my odometer makes a pattern - 30103. And I count every thing. Like when I am slicing cucumbers or taking stitches or walking. Yep, I'm not sure how it happened, but I am a math geek sort of. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not that good at math either. When we have a math issue at home, my little husband whips out a formula to solve it and I draw a picture....we usually get the same answer. Sometimes he is wrong. ;D
      Interesting....very interesting! Oh, and I can teach you the license plate game I play when I am out there.

    3. :D I draw pictures too!!! I look forward to the license plate game. You'll be here before we know it!

    4. The hair looks very cute, but like somebody else. But who? I kept trying to figure that out tonight as we lead the girls around on the horses. Laura Hinckley, I think. That's who. I was strange - like there were two people in one space. But Rachel can't be anything but adorable, so - hair long, hair short. There it is. And she will never grow up, so that is a moot question.

    5. Nope! Me and Peter Pan. Children endlessly.

      Lara H. I take that as a compliment! If I look like her then I am excited!!!!

    6. OK. Don't know how I missed these comments, but now I must go and see who the heck Laura Hinkley is...maybe I will know when I see her picture????
      Everyone needs at least one Big Kid in their life to remind them to have fun....right?

    7. Oh! I don't have a photo of Lara. She is a neighbor of mine. :( A wonderful neighbor. Mr. B, my eldest works summers for her husband in the landscaping business. Wonderful people.

    8. Well that would explain why when I googled that name nothing came up that looked like you....teehee.

  2. - False Mondays mess a person up
    - Short weeks feel longer than long weeks. This also messes a person up.
    - Eldest outgrew her cowboy boots. They fit me. First time I've ever been delighted to have her outgrow her footwear.
    - Math, I hate it and love it. Am surrounded by a family of human calculators. If I need a knitting riddle solved, I just announce it amidst the family and one of the kids (typically Eldest Son) will answer and send me on my way.
    - Now it's starting to look like I'm doing something too. That's a good thing, because I've just been feeling inept with being messed up by False Monday.
    - My spirits need a lift. I found that here. :-)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one messed up. ;)
      Short weeks do feel longer don't they?! Good point. What a mess!
      Henny Penny wore my size for about a month. Now her feet are bigger than mine. Darn! I had visions of us sharing cute shoes.
      I'm surrounded by people who are good at math. I feel math challenged.
      I love feeling/appearing to be doing something with very little effort.
      You lifted my spirits with your reply so this is good!!!

  3. This random post and these random responses made me randomly

    I am soooo there with you on pretty much everything you said (and what Donna said... and what W-S said... and... lol... ) especially about those darn Monday/Tuesdays... or are they Tuesday/Mondays.... yet another reason not to like them...

    Thanks for sharing your random thoughts with your random friends... :-)

    1. I love that we are all random and have random thoughts and random responses and are just.......... RANDOM! I think I like the word random........ random........... random.......... random....... Okay. Stopping now....... at random intervals........ no seriously! Stopping now!

  4. If you need help with the maths, I am at your service. Providing I haven't forgotten all of it in these last few years. It was a very satisfying evening. Glad you came up with the idea. Tired now, but not sleeping. Stupid. And this Monday thing - same with me. All I did for labor day was labor - but I did the same today. Tomorrow I have to go to the library and pay them for the raspberry power shake I dropped all over my piles of books - they are holding my right to check out hostage. Sleep would be nice.

    1. Thank you on the math help. You may regret your offer.

      It was a fun evening wasn't it!? And all of the ponies behaved themselves magnificently.

      I didn't sleep either! Hours I lay there wide awake. I hate that! And then I finally fell asleep minutes before the alarm went off and I felt like I had sand in my head......

      I dislike getting books from the library for that very reason. Ugh! The fines we owe from lost books, damaged books, late books, etc. Not to mention I don't know who has had their hands all over the book before me and (shudder) if they read it in the bathroom!

      I have issues don't I.........? Don't answer that. :D

    2. K,

      Thanks for you offer. I am an excellent math tutor. Unfortunately, while tutoring I tend to provoke tears and anger. My students have always thanked my later as I force good math technique and habits. And they learn. But I don't think my tutoring Rachel would be a good thing. She might throw dangerous things during that inevitable tears and anger phase.

    3. Well I never!! Me? Lose my temper??? NEVER! Anger and tears while trying to learn something new? NEVER! What stories you tell.....

    4. I was talking about the natives, but now you sound guilty.


    5. Oh. Ahem. Cough. I meant 'they' instead of 'me'. Meaning 'me' but them which you should know by now what that means cuz I do it all of the time. "Me go do dishes" means "You and they go do dishes". :D

  5. Ooooooooo Math, shudder. I'm going back to bed.

  6. Mr. J cracks me up. Let's talk about learning stuff without paying an arm and a leg.

  7. I'm all ears! Shall we over....... say........... a pedicure? :D

  8. Sweet Rachel, there are lots of FREE online classes with the best professors in the world. My son-in-law works for a company which produces them. Would you like some info? I'd be glad to connect you with him. Drop me an email, if that sounds interesting . . .


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