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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Sleeping, eating, going potty.  Sleeping, eating, going potty.  Sleeping, eating, going potty.  In a week Zoe has gained a pound and has grown several inches taller.  00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Those are hugs from Zoe.  I'm trying to type and she just stepped on the keyboard.  She has much to say.  She is the most vocal dog I've ever known!  The vocal noises she makes are quite funny.  It is making it challenging in the potty training area though.  All of our other dogs would come and whine when they needed to go out.  Zoe is always, "talking" so I'm not picking up on potty cues.  The SM said it is like an infant.  A cry for being hungry.  A cry for wanting to be picked up.  A cry for a dirty diaper.  We just need to figure out which 'cry' is for potty.

In the meantime.......  we are enjoying Zoe immensely despite my being thick in the head in the potty training department.  I think I need a sign for my front door though.  A warning sign that says something to the effect of:  I may have not given birth to an infant but I'm still taking care of a four legged infant therefore put on a hard hat before entering the house because this mommy can't seem to get around to cleaning said house and is busy taking care of baby Zoe.


  1. You will learn what she is saying. Our Mercy girl is a talker, too....can't sing worth a lick but talks all the time...we call her Wookie girl....
    Is it just easier to hold Zoe while you do everything so she can't sneak off and go potty? Or is it that you just can't put her down?
    You are having fun being a baby mommy again, aren't you? :-)

  2. This post made me smile... and the pictures made me say... "Awwwww....."
    I love that Zoe is finding her way into your hearts.
    Good luck with the potty training...
    And that sign? Excellent idea! LOL

  3. Her schedule sounds like my schedule :) (wink dream schedule).

  4. Oh my, just looking at her image makes me go to mush. Do you gaze adoringly at her while she's sleeping too? No, really - I would do that with the little chicks, gazing wonderingly at their sleeping forms - once I realized that they weren't dead. (Have you SEEN how they sleep? All flopped out in very alarming positions.)

    Zoe is growing up beautifully on all of that love.


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