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Saturday, March 23, 2013

We Are All Blind

Years ago The SM and I moved to a little town named, "Spanish Fork" here in Utah.  We moved into a duplex where we rented one side.  The duplex had a nice backyard that backed up to a fence.  On the other side of the fence was a couple who were our age who we would become fast and longtime forever friends with.   Korey and Merrie Walker.

At the time, both Merrie and I were expecting our first babies.  Exciting!  We went on to have several more children at the same time.  Two of Merrie's beautiful babies are blind.  It has been a beautiful journey watching from the outside as Korey and Merrie have navigated this experience with their children.  I have been nothing but in awe and proud of these two people who I love very much.  The following link is to a blog post Merrie wrote recently about her two children.  You won't be sorry.  If you can, take the time to navigate around her site and learn more about this amazing family that I love so much.


Helping those who help blind kids!


  1. Rachel, that was beautiful Thanks for linking over. I think both of your families are amazing.

  2. How strong some people must be...heroes!

  3. She always wanted to blend in and look what she got. Wow. She's awesome, that double-caning mama!

  4. This gal as I mentioned is a dear friend of mine. She is such an amazing gal. You would all love her.


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