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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I want my own Harley

Last year when we drove up to Montana to visit my parents we had an odd thing happen. We were just outside of Idaho Falls in the predawn. I was driving that leg of the trip and out of the corner of my eye I saw a flash of something and then heard this THUNK sound. I knew I'd hit a bird........

We gassed up in Idaho Falls and continued on our merry way as the sun started to come up. When we hit Salmon, Idaho and gassed up again. I was more than ready to let Brian take over the driving. He walked around the front of the truck and got a funny look on his face and beckoned me to get out of the truck and come and look. There stuck in the headlight was a falcon. It had hit dead on and stuck with its butt and legs sticking straight out. Kind of morbid but looked quite funny.

When I get on a motorcycle or quad I can't control myself. I can't quit laughing and smiling and the faster I go the more I bust up laughing. I passed a couple yesterday on a motorcycle and I had a vision. The male driver was sitting there behind the bug splatter glass while his wife (I presume) was sitting perched up behind him with her face in the wind. All I could think of is if it were me I'd be laughing my head off, mouth wide open catching bugs and some big ol' falcon would come diving in after them............SO, I want my own Harley with my own bug/falcon splatter glass because it isn't lady like to have bird feet and butt sticking out of ones mouth..........I would know.........I've spent a lifetime eating crow................

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What is wrong with this picture?

Is it just me or does something look odd with this tree?

How about now?

A little about now?

Who says there aren't any cowboy's and indian's out here in the west anymore........

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Colin's joke

Colin is ten years old. He likes to make up jokes and draw comic strips. Here is his latest:

There was a bully at school who hated school. He heard that Heaven is called paradise so he killed himself. (Mommy note: I know it is a bit morbid but keep gets better I promise.) He opened his eyes and heard a voice say, "time for school, get registered, get your books, and supplies". The bully said, "hey wait, I thought there wasn't any school up here". The voice said, "Up here? You're DOWN here........."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Michael Jordan has nothin' on this kid...

I grew up with cows that did this too!

This is called the glazed donut tongue action lick/trick.

This is called the snackin' on left over peanut butter from lunch on the corner of your mouth tongue action lick/trick.

This is called the scooter maneuvers with golf club tongue action trick.

This is the golfing while on my knees tongue action trick. (Ya oughta try it and see if you can keep your tongue in your mouth....)

This is the forget about the dang golf ball I'm gonna hit a tree tongue action trick.

This is the "Hey, I found that Easter egg we lost a few weeks back" tongue action trick.

This is the I'm speaking in tongues to my squirt gun hoping it will come to me tongue action trick. "Use the force........".

This is the finding more peanut butter from lunch tongue action lick/trick.

This is the "dang all of these tongue lick/tricks make me tired" tongue trick.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bigger can be better........well.....sometimes

If you click on the photo's on my blog they get bigger! Who knew? Now you can see up my nose in the photo where I'm sleeping!

Levi and Able

Levi decided he wanted to go riding today. He loaded up his wagon and off he went to the pasture.

This is Levi's horse Able. He is a blue roan gelding. Almost 2 years old.

Aren't they the danged cutest dadgum thing ya ever saw?
Nothing like having two big two year olds in the same pen!

Able: Can I go and play with my friends now? Haven't I
done my quota of service hours for the day? It is dang
hot out here.........
Levi: Run horsey run!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008


I have an awesome family. I have a mom and a dad that all of the "how to be a parent" books have been written about and seven siblings that rock!

These rockin' siblings, some of their spouses, children, and my parents have decided to do a triathlon. My dad is in his seventies and the kids follow in age on down to my baby sis who is gettin' mighty close to that big 30!!!! All of my siblings have had a gazillion kids, no maids, chef's, nannies, etc. etc. etc. Just your average spazo family.

Last year the eldest of the rockin' sib's decided to do this triathlon thing with her husband and kids. You have to understand what an accomplishment this is. (Don't worry Sherri, I won't tell anyone that I am talking about you.) This babe didn't know how to swim at the time, thought biking was something that had to do with Harley's and running was what happens when you eat too many prunes. She aint no spring chicken either.......(I mean she aint ready for the butcher block either) which is a good thing I'm not telling anyone who I am talking about. What I am trying to say is THIS IS HUGE! And not only is this huge but that gal finished!

So, ring leader rockin' sis talks the rest of my sib's into doing this thing and would you believe? They are actually going to do it! They are all training along with several spouses and some of their kids. Dad is gonna do it and mom is gonna do what she does best. She is going to be behind the scenes cheering all of her kids on as they cross the finish line. A job that has never gotten the recognition it deserves by the way.........

You may have noticed that I am not speaking in the first person in this here triathlon endeaver. Being who I am sometimes comes at a great difficulty and cost. My rockin' sib's are so pumped up about this here triathlon thingy that I didn't want to make them feel bad so I told them that old know the one........"a time and a season"..........Having so many little ones at home............being gone most of the summer.........not being able to train...........etc. etc. etc.

I just couldn't bring myself to burst all of their bubbles by telling them the truth. They are working so hard for this thing and I would feel terrible getting off the couch, dusting off my jeans, throwing away my bon bon wrappers, walking up to the starting line, and then blowing them all away. I mean it just doesn't look good when all of your siblings are doing their best just to cross the finish line when their sister has finished hours ago and is back on the couch eating her bon bons never breaking a sweat...............I just won't do that to them...........I love them too much!

Monday, April 7, 2008


I'm trying a new tactic on fixing my posture. I slouch you know and someday I'm going to be so slouched over that the only thing I'll be able to see since I'm so short is people's knees and feet cuz I won't be able to straighten back up again. I have found that if you take pizza and stuff yourself gluttonously that it is too painful to slouch and so one has to take shallow quick breaths and sit with one's back perfectly straight or you'll be assaulted with sharp jabs of pain.

Not to be mistaken for the sharp jabs of pain that my mom used to make us call "fluff's"........but they feel darn close. Speaking of...........I've come up with a new saying.

Always the positive one my mom told me the other day when I was complaining about something which I'm sure was monumental since I can't remember what it was now.........she said, "This too shall pass". To which I replied always being the pessimistic one "So does gas but it doesn't mean it's not painful".

You didn't hear that from me....................

Thursday, April 3, 2008

If I can't see can't see me.

Do you remember when you used to think that? I don't either but I have kids who think that and it is the funniest thing.
"Jadon, it is time for bed". Jadon coveres his eyes or hides his head under a blanket and then is so surprised that I FOUND HIM! Cuz, I'm not supposed to be able to see him since he can't see me. I get the biggest kick out of this stage......or at least I did.........until.......I realized that I'm still in that stage...........I NEVER GREW OUT OF IT!

I have this shimmery silvery hair "issue" that I have to deal with at a VERY YOUNG AGE which means I have to get this bottle of stinky scalp burnin' junk and smear it all over my hair from time to time so that I can convince people that if I can't see the grey hairs then they can't either.

The problem is that I hate this whole process. I hate being grey but I also hate dying my hair so I do it as little as possible. I stand in front of the mirror and do my hair which consists of combing it out after I shower, let the air dry it, and yank it back. The shorter the amount of time one spends in front of the mirror the easier it is to convince oneself that they are skinny and not grey. I seriously (and this is the scary part because I really am convinced of this) that if my hair is pulled back and I kind of try to cover up the roots that are now five inches of grey exploding from my scalp and pretend they aren't there then other people won't notice either. And I really do convince myself of this! Until I see a photo of myself..........

I know........I was shocked too!