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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best For Last...............

I had to post this photo as we all got the biggest kick watching my baby sis' husband sitting on Santa's lap.  He is well over six feet tall and not a tiny man.  We wondered if poor Santa's legs were numb by the time Uncle T got done talking to Santa and telling him what kind of truck he wants for Christmas.  He went on and on and on.  You know how men are about their trucks.  All the detail, the chrome, the leather.....  Just kiddin'.  My brother (no in laws in our family) is the kindest most giving of souls.  I can guarantee he spent his time on Santa's lap trying to get Santa to tell him what he'd like for Christmas.  His thoughts and concerns are always for others...


  1. Bless his sweet heart. I loved seeing your sister.

  2. Kristen, Their visits are never long enough........

  3. Yeah, Rachel, I don't think, after seeing this guy, that you needed to worry about being to heavy to sit on Santa's legs!

  4. I really like that there are no "in-laws" in your family. Now THAT is family!

  5. Donna, LOL! I guess not! I should have thought of that then..

    Wabi, So true. My parents declared it thus and so it has been.


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