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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Christmas Box

Mr. J putting the pipe cleaner candy cane on the tree he and the other Native's made on Monday night.   Can't beat the look on his face!  

It's been happening for several years now.  How many, I'm not sure!  It is harder to remember when it wasn't happening.  

The week before Christmas a mysterious box shows up.  Shows up unannounced just sitting quietly on our front porch with a label on it letting us know that it is a secret box from a secret person and we aren't to open it until the appointed day.  That day is always exactly one week before Christmas.

It's a magical box.  The Native's look at it and wonder what it is filled with each year.  The day arrives and the box is opened.  There is always a note on the top, hand written, with instructions.  The box is filled to the brim with Christmas artistic crafts, wonder, and delights.  An activity for The Native's to do each day.  A craft of some sort with all of the fixings and trimmings.  I don't have to do anything!  All of the glue, and glitter, googly eyes, and markers, and fixings for what ever the activity for that day...... it is all packaged neatly in a plastic bag marked for that day.

If you ask The Native's what makes Christmas at our house, they'll tell you that it wouldn't be Christmas without their mum's cinnamon rolls Christmas morning and the Christmas box.  


  1. There is nothing so compelling as secrets at Christmas. I dreamed of them as child. I still dream of them as an adult. I also dream of - well I WOULD have dreamed of mum's cinnamon rolls, if my mum had ever made any . . .

    That look on his face. What a gift.

  2. Well, you all are dearly loved, and no wonder! I do hope that your secret Santa gets to see that photo full of joy.

  3. Kristen, I love secrets at Christmas. I too dream of them all year long. The look on Mr. J's face is a gift for the giver of the magical box. ;)

    Wabi, I have a feeling that the secret santa will. :D

    Hanna, It is SO totally fun!!!

  4. What a happy lifelong memory for the Natives. I'm sure one of them will think to make a box to deliver to someone else. "Cause that's the kind of family you have raised.

  5. What an amazing holiday tradition! I wonder...did YOUR family (growing up) get a Christmas box??

  6. What a great tradition!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Donna, Because it has been such a neat tradition, we've done it for others. Not every year like or secret santa. I'm not that organized :) but every so often and it is fun to put together.

    Korrie, We didn't! We had other magical traditions but this wasn't one of them.

    Flowering Mama, Merry Christmas to you too!

    Anaise, It really is. I'm not sure our secret santa knew what they were getting into when they started because there is no way they can stop now!! :D

  8. That is such a wonderful thing to do! How exciting for the kids and I agree that photo is a perfect reward for the secret santa :-)

    Now I am confused because you said you also do Hanukkah, how does that fit into your family? Just being nosey I am :-)

  9. Jenni, I'm laughing. Kristen said the same thing. When I told her Lucy was coming for Hanukkah she said I was going to confuse you! :D My father's side of the family are Jewish. My father converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when he was 19. I was raised Christian. So, we celebrate some Jewish holidays because of my Jewish side of the family but I am a Christian with Jewish blood. Clear as mud now? ;)

  10. What a beautiful memory those kids will have as adults. You are the best mom ever!

  11. Jody, It's not me! :D My part is easy. All of the supplies are in the box. The best is the person who puts together this box for our family each and every year.


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