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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis The Season

We've been slow this year getting things up and going here as far as Christmas decorations go.  Normally we would have already gone out hunting for the perfect Christmas tree in the entire forest and would have brought it home, set it up, and started putting up the lights and garland so that December 1st The Native's could start hanging ornaments when ever they did a service for someone else.

This year, we missed the window for when we were supposed to get a permit to cut down our tree so we have dug out the fake tree and here it humbly sits with several toy cars and airplanes tucked in it's branches where Mr. J has put them.

I've had a hard time this year, feeling like it is a sort of Charlie Brown Christmas.

Nothing has gone to plan thus far.  I am realizing that this will be the last Christmas we will have together as a family before Mr. B heads out on his own.  I'm feeling that frantic mother's pull of trying to slow things down and savor them.

I've been reading to the family each night Charles Dicken's, "A Christmas Carol" and like Scrooge, I want to say, BAH HUMBUG!  Bah Humbug to children getting older and thinking they can leave the nest.  BAH!

I am so grateful for this time of year.  A time of remembering and reflecting on our Savior Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful for the gift that He gave, His life.  A life that started out in the humblest of beginnings.  A life that was spent serving and loving others no matter who they were, because He knew and saw them for who they are, His brothers and sisters.  I am grateful that even though my children will leave the nest, I know that this is the small picture.  I am grateful for the knowledge that I have of an even bigger picture, that we are all brothers and sisters and that I will be with The Native's and The SM for eternity.  I am grateful for the relationships that are formed here on this earth as I know they will continue far beyond this time that we have here.

I am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ.  I know that He lives and I will see Him again someday.

"God bless us, everyone"!


  1. Well, just so you know, every single day that your youngest leaves my classroom at the end of the day he shouts "Merry Christmas" to me in his perfect little soprano voice. I love it and it makes me smile every time.

    And, just so you know, those children who grow up and leave will forever be returning. Coming back to you. That is a whole new excitement of it's own. One you will treasure just as much.

  2. Tami, Thank you. Keep reassuring me of this okay??? :D

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! And Happy Hanukkah!!! :D

  3. I like your idea of putting up ornaments in the event of service. It really centers on the the "Spirit" part of Christmas! Woah. Mr. B. is leaving! That's crazy!

  4. Yes, I too like your purposeful ornament hanging.

    I'm joining in on the Bah Humbugging of nest-leaving children. And the cheer of it; all is right (if rather conflicted for us mamas).

  5. I'm not Bah Humbugging the fact that the kids have left the nest. NEW DOORS OPENED when my children got their wings. I rebuilt my friendship network which had laid in disrepair. I began pushing my limits with new enterprises and fixing crazy meals my kids would made the kids turn up their noses. Heck! I can even choose to eat at whatever hour I feel hungry.

    Rachel, dear, there's a marvelous world of opportunities awaiting you. You'll sit back and marvel at the things your kids will do as they venture out into the world. Resting on your laurels is ever so nice.

  6. We are very slow to get into the spirit of things this year too. School had just finished for the summer break so I might actually be able to get things done and enjoy this time of year. I have to admit the commercialism of it all drags me down and I find that I have to focus on what is really important at this time. Blessings, family and friends :-)

  7. Another holiday to celebrate with you all together. I hope that you don't allow the future to dampen what you have here and now...savor it to the fullest.


  8. Hanna, It is super cool on Christmas Eve when we act out the nativity and see all of the gifts we've brought the Savior over the month. All the ornaments representing what we've done for each other.

    Wabi, Okay, they can leave the nest as long as they all build houses and live right next to us. How's that? I could live with that!! :D

    Ginger, You and Kristen both tell me the same. I am going to have to trust the two of you in this... both having walked through that door. I see the door, it is just the unknown and hard to know what to expect. The door draws ever closer... I'm hoping it is a room full of chocolate because I am going to need it!! :D

    Anony, Very good advice. Thank you for reminding me of this. I needed that. I appreciate friends who give me a knock upside the head when I need it!

  9. Oh, phooey. I should have been over there helping you instead of freaking out over here. But love. Hugging. Tons of hugging. You will be fine. YOur family is MADE of love the way cookies are made of sugar. I've got to call you in a little while. Just I gotta get a shower and then - I don't knlw.

  10. Kristen, Just tell me what to make for your ornament party. I'm drawing blanks this year and it is stressing me!!!!!!

  11. The thing is once they leave and finally return they bring others with them and it enlarges your circle of those to love. Look forward to that. And yes, enjoy what you have now to the fullest.

  12. Nat, Technically I know all of this. As a mother all technicality goes out the window. :D I'm doing my darnedest to live in the moment right now though.


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