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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Snowing!

It's not snowing outside.  I wish it were.  We're having an unusually warm winter thus far.  We want snow!  So if it won't snow outside....... we're making it snow inside!

My baby sis came to visit and taught us how to make these snowflakes.  Pretty fun.  

Even Levi was able to make one with help.  He is learning to cut things out with scissors and since this is just straight lines, he was able to cut some out.

Each snowflake takes six square pieces of paper.  We like the different colors but decided we like white the best.

Here's a link to a tutorial on how to make these snowflakes.  It's a fun activity in the evening for the whole family to do when the only other option is sitting around trying to decide who has the most lint in their belly buttons.

Drum roll please ........................  THE LINK!


  1. These are beautiful! Maybe I'll have the girls make some over the weekend! We actually did have our first snow of the year last night. Less than an inch, but snow nonetheless.

  2. I'm going to share the link, too. But don't count on my to MAKE them. I can't cut straight lines, like Levi.

    Christmas IS coming at your home!

  3. Ooooh! We had these at a work Christmas party, where I admired them all evening long. And now you have shared a link where I can learn to make some myself! But not this holiday season. My crafting queue has already crossed the mildly delusional point.

  4. Well, timing is everything...again!
    I, just today, bought a $12 magazine with the directions for these lovlies inside...and I could have done the tutorial for free! Ah, well, the magazine has some other cool stuff, too.

  5. And, ooohhh, I just saw your bookshelf list. I haven't read any Sandra Dallas for a long time...gonna have to get the last two. Thanks!

  6. Okay, now THIS is cool...

  7. Jody, Your girls will find these really fun! I have invisible thread that I hang them with so they look like they are suspended in the air.

    Ginger, Christmas is coming. Slowly but surely.

    Wabi, My crafting queue is quite low this season. Normally it is quite full too but for some reason this year the crafting juices aren't flowing.

    Donna, Arrrgh! Isn't that the way! I'm glad the magazine has other fun things in it too. Hopefully it will make it worth it.

    I need to add to my book list. I've been reading a ton again lately and not putting up what I am reading. Naughty me.

    Anony, If each of your kids in class made one and they hung them from your ceiling..... now THAT would be cool. :)

  8. Okay....where on earth are you living? "Unusually warm winter"? It's freezing out there you silly girl! But you're right, snow would make the freezing temps worth it. Love your version of 'snow'- very creative!


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