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Monday, December 19, 2011

Spinning Colors

It's been awhile since I've been able to do some spinning.  My fingers have been kind of itching to do some more so I went and bought some very colorful wool roving to spin.

I like color.  Bold colors.  That's me!

I feel kind of like a cheater though.  Very much like with my quilting.  If I make a quilt top and then have someone else machine quilt it, and then someone asks me if I made the quilt.............. I have a hard time saying yes because technically I did make the quilt top but I didn't quilt it so........

It is the same with this yarn I've spun.  Yeah I spun it, but I didn't color it.  I do plan on learning how to dye my own wool so that like my hand quilted quilts that I've quilted by hand....... when asked if I made the yarn I can without a guilty conscience say, YES!  Yes, indeed I did.  From start to finish.

In the meantime.........  buying roving that has already been dyed for me is a pretty snazzy way to go until I can learn how to myself!  Now....... hmmm......... what to make out of this yarn........


  1. I couldn't get to that yarn with any amount of help so I am quite impressed! And the colors are yummy...
    I vote for making a nice V neck pullover vest...yes. That will go with lots of things.

  2. That is some snazzy yarn! I like it. :D

  3. Your handspun is gorgeous Rachel! I love the colours!

  4. Donna, Unfortunately I don't have enough yarn. That would be really cool otherwise! What ever I make with this yarn, it will have to be a small project. A little v neck pullover vest for a baby!! :D

    Hanna, Bold and colorful! I like the bright colors.

    Linda, Thank you!!! Coming from you this is a compliment indeed!

    Anaise, That is what I thought when I saw the colorful fibers. Just beautiful. I can't wait to learn how to dye fibers in such rich and vibrant colors.

  5. You are SUCH a dork. First of all, you looked adorable yesterday. Did you MAKE those clothes???? Oh - and if you say yes, did you DESIGN THE PATTERN???? And of course, you WOVE THE material. From cotton fibers that you grew in the backyard, just beside the chicken run, and then processed and turned into workable thread/yarn. Right? But you probably didn't dye it YOURSELF. And tonight's dinner? You grew that horseradish yourself right? PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

    I am sitting here, completely blown out. Exhausted with hurry and plan and wrap and make and eating sugar and staying up late because I can't turn off the Christmas lights without tearing up a little. At least it's snowing. But I get to go feed the horses now.

    I just didn't make enough, and I wake up in the night with lists of what I did NOT do, and a huge amorphous shadow (meaning without definable shape) of all the things I still SHOULD be doing - which is just stupid - and not sleeping. When I should be looking at the very definable shape of what I HAVE done and feeling pretty darn satisfied with myself.

    Which I never do.

  6. YOU!!! Are such a dork! How can you sit there and think of all the things you haven't done???? You have blown me out of the water with what you HAVE DONE! So yeah! Take your advice. Today. I want you to sit down and make a list of all of the things you have done and put a check next to each one and when you are done keep the list because you'll be adding to it because you are always DOING!!!

    PFFFFFFFFFFFFT back atcha! With a big fat slobbery raspberry slurp zurch kiss!

    Give the horses snuggles and kisses for me. I shall visit them soon.... and they best be ready!! Mr. B has given me his word he is going to ride with me on Fridays and get that colt in ship shape.

    P.S. Horseradish? That's Passover......... :D

  7. First, you and K are too funny. And you, Rachel, are a purist. YOU HAVE SPUN YOUR OWN YARN!!!! And it's gorgeous. I am so deeply envious.

  8. Wabi, I did I did I DID!! It is worth celebrating. I was pretty pleased with myself.... I just love the colors!!

  9. Maybe its because my toes are freezing right now, but I think that colorful yarn would make some pretty cool and unique socks!
    Whatever you decide to make, it will be fabulous. I just know it!

  10. Nat, That isn't a bad idea. They would make some really impressive socks. Might be that I am sitting here freezing as well. ;)

  11. Just so you know, I'm sitting here in some handknit (not by me) woolen slippers, and my toes are toasty. And it's FREEZING out.

    Do the socks, do the socks...

  12. Wabi, That makes three of us voting for the socks. I'm thinking we win! Socks it is!


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