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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Please Excuse The Mess, We're Under Construction.

Entering A construction zone.  Use a hard hat.









  1. That... was a lot of chocolate. Looks like fun!!

  2. OMGoodness, the little guy sitting on the table all folded up like an origami person...I can barely remember those days of unlimited flexibility!

  3. Oh - I LOVE these pictures. LOVE them.

  4. That yellow quilt is amazing and I want it!

  5. Your construction looks more purposeful and thought out than the road construction around here does...
    No wonder Matt has been scarce in these parts lately.

  6. oh that secret box looks like fun! and the cookies look wonderful!

  7. That all looks fighting amongst the siblings?? How do you do it!

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  9. That is a MAGIC box! Such togetherness is a gift.

    And am loving Donna's comment about the "origami person" on the table :-) He really does look like an origami boy!

  10. Hanna, That...... was only a tiny portion of the huge original piece! The thing was big enough to build a house out of!

    Donna, LOL! I know! When ever I see him sitting like that it amazes me. I try to sit like that and two seconds later my ankles and feet have gone to sleep and I'm tipping over and can't get up because the rest of me is in such pain!

    Kristen, It's been a fun week. I've enjoyed our time together as a family.

    Tami, Come finish it for me!!!! But you can't have it.... sorry..... you'd understand though and not rob the owner when I tell you who it is for.....

    Nat, :) Mr. J playing in the sandbox and what he builds is more thought out than the construction around here!!

    Jody, The secret box is loads of fun and the cookies did turn out wonderful tasting. Maybe not picture perfect looking with little hands making but they sure tasted good!

    Jenni, No, no fighting amongst the siblings. I'm really blessed with good kids. Seriously! That and I can't stand the bickering and fighting so it isn't allowed otherwise you find yourself doing a days worth of chores for the one you are being mean to.....

    Marseille, It has been fun and I'm most sorry to see it end!

    Wabi, It's been a huge gift I've been given this holiday season. I love seeing the older ones working with the younger ones and spending time together. I think that comes from homeschooling them when I was able to. I'd have the older ones teaching the younger ones.... or maybe it is just that they are good kids..... which they are.

    I loved Donna's comment too. It is quite fitting and appropriate. I say appropriate because if all of you only knew how many times he is having us fold stuff for him out of paper. We've a few paper airplane and origami books that he is always asking us to make things for him from.


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