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Friday, October 7, 2011

Edible Bouquet of Flowers

Idea for cupcakes found here at this link.

Every Tuesday night, I get to spend about an hour and a half with some young ladies who live in our area for our church. They are part of a Young Women's group and I am one of their leaders. This past Tuesday, they came to my house and we made some of these.

Loads of fun and very talented girls.

We made them for some families in our area who have had some miracles happen for which we are very grateful. One family who's husband/daddy was in a very serious motorcycle accident. We are so grateful he is alive!

Another family survived a horrific car accident. Again, we are so grateful they are all alive.

The family in the car accident wasn't home. We tried twice delivering their cupcakes...... we couldn't let our hard work go to waste so the girls took the cupcakes home. They're awesome like that. Willing to take one for the team.

The other family was home so we were able to deliver our edible bouquet of flowers. Happy day!

Happy day for Henny Penny who let Mr. M help her decorate the left overs.

And happy day for the rest of The Native's after Henny Penny and Mr. M got done decorating their cupcakes and shared them with all.

The End!


  1. You know what's funny Rachel? I taught the activity days girls in our stake how to make those exact same cupcakes a month ago! You see what I'm saying? TWINS.

    Super cute cupcakes, by the way!

  2. Jessie has put four beautiful cupcakes in our fridge with a note on top that says,"Never touch in your life"!

  3. Those are super cute- the girls and the cupcakes!
    You are right, there have been a lot of miracles around here lately. Thank the good Lord.

  4. To anony- I put mine in the fridge with a note saying: THESE ARE MINE. DO NOT TOUCH.
    they were delicious cupcakes and were soooooo adorable!!!

  5. I made something like that a few years ago for Cera's 2 birthday. you take a terracotta pot, put a foam ball in it and stick the cupcakes to it. Then it looks like a bouquet and all fancy like.

  6. Those are GORGEOUS. And astonishing. And surely delicious.

  7. Gerb, That is funny! But not surprising. ;)

    Marci, Those two girls were so funny! They had so much fun making these. There's a few left over here. The rest of you come over and get some!

    Nat, Yes, thank the good Lord. Another miracle. We've a flat on The SM's car. Noticed it last night. So grateful it didn't happen while Mr. B has been driving the car around all week. Feeling very blessed indeed.

    Hanna, You did a great job decorating them!! I just love being able to work with you and the other girls.

    Sarah, That is darling! I can see it in my mind. How cute!!!

    Wabi, They aren't hard to make at all and are quite fun. Especially when you have a whole group of you.

  8. What great cupcakes! I'm glad to hear about the miracles. (Just wish the accidents hadn't happened).

  9. What accident? I never know ANYTHING. I'm awfully glad Jared got away without worse injury - but who else is in trouble? It was great of you guys to do this for the families. And you little weasles - get those cupcakes out of the fridge and BRING ME ONE. BOTH of you. Or you are gonna FAIL SUNDAY SCHOOL. If you get my drift . . .

  10. *Almost* too cute to eat! Good thing I'm the kind of person that will eat anything - such gorgeous creations don't go to waste on me.

  11. Cupcakes have been calling me lately. There are 2 books out that make even me want to bake. I'm sure these must be in one of them. So sweet...

  12. Those cupcakes look delicious, so very kind of you to help your community like this. The children are having a blast to.. I don't think I would have too many left in my home I can't keep my boys fingers out the bowl.
    Funky halloween costume Mr. T has.
    Love the little cardi... would love a little girl to knit and dress up to. I'm trying..
    Thanks for your kind comments.. I do have so much fun with my boys. they are much loved.

  13. Chastina, I wish they wouldn't have happened either but am grateful they weren't worse.

    Kristen, Did they bring you cupcakes???? :D The Casperson's were in a horrible car accident but all survived. Sigh... so glad. They are in our Stake.

    Melissa, Almost... but obviously not quite as they are all gone. Every last crumb.

    Donna, If they aren't, go to the link I provided. They are so easy to make and so satisfying when you are done.

    Earthboys, Does this mean you may have to change the name of your blog??? :D Maybe?? Maybe soon??? :D I can be an auntie from across the ocean! :D

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