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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


  • My toes need to be done again.  The paint is looking less than stellar.
  • Yesterday I came home from taking The Native's to school and fell asleep for almost three hours!  I think perhaps I may have been just a tidge tired...
  • I've found a new staple in my must have.  On Guard essential oil.  Add three drops of this essential oil to a 1/2 cup water and gargle several times a day.  Do this the second you feel like you are coming down with something and amazingly, it goes away super fast.  I think I'll bathe in it during flu season.
  • I'm supposed to have all of my carding of my wool done for class tomorrow.  I'm no where near........
  • I'm supposed to have all of my wool spun on my spindle for class tomorrow.  I'm no where near........
  • My chickens aren't laying yet.  I'm gonna roast em soon if they don't start carrying their own weight around here and start being productive!
  • Mildred, the ugly naked neck chicken got her neck about bit off by another hen.  I put vet wrap on the wound and then laughed my head off as she took off backwards around my yard thinking her head was in a noose.
  • It's supposed to freeze this week.  I am happy.  I am ready.  I'm tired of watering my plants.
  • It's supposed to freeze this week.  I need to hurry and get the last of my tomatoes picked before the freeze.  I don't even like tomatoes...
  • Why do tomatoes and potatoes have 'toes' in them?  Does that mean when we eat them we are eating toe jam?
  • I love having three bathrooms when The Native's are getting ready for the day. 
  • I hate having three bathrooms when it comes to scrubbing them.
  • It is supposed to get cold this week.  Did I mention that before?  I'm excited.  I get to fire up my wood stove!
  • The SM wrote me a love note.  Time stopped as I read it and the world ceased to exist.  It was just me and his words.
  • It's been over 19 years since we started this journey together... that's not random and it's not random that I am still madly in love with him. 


  1. I'm ready for fall- NOT cold. Brisk weather- NOT bitter weather. I am NOT ready for winter.

    I love love notes. There really isn't anything better than having your number tell you why you're their number one. Makes Japan not so far away...or even more too far away?
    I think I'll go have a 3 hour nap while you decide. :)

  2. My chickens didn't lay forever too! and now they've stopped. they're molting or something... :P
    you know the "toes" in potatoes and tomatoes IS pretty weird... and random... I've never thought about that before..... :D

  3. Love notes just because have to be the best bit of randomness out there ;-)

  4. This is really how my brain works best...or at least most often...randomly.
    We got a tiny bit of snow here this weekend along with a lot of rain...I'm ready...well, excpet for the fact that my roof is not on my new house...but that is about to happen.

  5. I'm with you on the bathrooms and love notes. :)

    I'm excited for the hot cocoa, blankets, fires, and enjoying the pretty snow.

  6. I envy you this brevity. It is supposed to freeze tonight? But I though not this week - just the dark sky has been a little relief to me; I am tired of the cheerfulness of summer. I want to read books and stay inside and have an excuse not to be guilty for not working the horses or spraying the pasture. G fired up the living room stove this morning and I am finishing up a batch of Christmas ornaments. If I could just blink and rest I might feel better. I also envy you the love note.

  7. you're so dang cool. random suits you.

    i got to turn our a/c off today. we all did a dance.


    and emma strung orange lights and drew faces on little pumpkins.

    i love that you got a love note. and i love that time stopped and nothing else mattered. THAT is dang cool.

  8. We fired up the woodstove one day last week, and such a delight it was to knit by the fire! And such a delight to see the garden shrivel up and not need extensive tending to. Oh, how I love this season. And I love/hate the 3 bathrooms thing too.

  9. All good except the 'toes'and the cleaning of bathrooms! I don't think the girls will be laying until next spring :-)


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