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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hike Anyone?

A few weekends ago I along with all of my sisters and my Mum congregated in Montana for a Sister's Retreat. It's been a long time since we were all together. One of our adventures was a hike.
Wanna come and see it through my eyes? 

Disclaimer:  Horrendous lighting as the sun was mid day.......

I took this particular photo for Mr. B.  My rock climbing boy.  I wanted to see if he could see it.  The rope going up this rock wall......... 

Thanks for coming along. Your assignment, if you choose: Realizing I'm not a brilliant photographer..... which was your favorite photo and why?


  1. The first one- I recognize yard anywhere! I miss home!

  2. The sixth one from the end--the one with water falling in the background and again right in my face in the foreground. Moving water soothes my soul.

  3. Mae Mae, :) Me too. I miss home too. The rest are all taken up the road from your house. That little hike up the canyon.

    Anaise, Moving water soothes my soul too. Speaking of, how is your soul and that little one that is on the way?? :D

  4. I like the one with the two tiny "waterfalls" in the stream. I absolutely love water that enough of a reason?

  5. I love them all! They are all very beautiful and peaceful looking.

  6. I love the way you showed us powerful sweeping vistas and intricate favorite?
    I think it is the 6th one from the end with the water funneling right off the screen and into my lap...

  7. Decisions, decisions.....there are several I like.

  8. I like number 13, solely on perspective. Nice pic's!

  9. Okay. I'm not climbing that rock wall. I didn't see the rope, and I'm not climbing it if I do. But I DO want to splash in that stream. And I want to ride down the path - what a gorgeous place. And I love the way you stopped for the tiny color - you were seeing, and that's what I love best.

    I don't have a favorite - the whole experience was so beautiful. If I had to choose it would be everything that featured water running over stones. That walk must have brought peace in that moment. Peace in a moment - it's like having a necklace with one sweet pendant on it - unless you can string them all together somehow, including spaces.

    Nicely done, little sister. Nicely lived.


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