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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inspired Bicycles

My boys showed this to me this evening. I found it to be incredible!


  1. I have a hard time with stuff like this, though. The guy is really good. But he's also putting his life at risk - for what? It's like climbing the tallest mountain - yeah? You put your life on the line- but who do you save? Will it cure cancer? Do you have to do it to protect the freedom of your people or to provide for a starving family? Playing at skills that could cripple you - it's kind of a waste of the gift of life. Flash, but no meaning. And meanwhile, he's wearing down those ancient walls and steps that people in England built hundreds of years ago.

    I know I'm a downer, but I think he could have done something far more spectacular with his life, like teaching little kids how to read, or visiting old people who've been forgotten.

    You can slap me one later.

  2. Kristen, Consider yourself slapped. It's keeping his body busy. Who says he isn't teaching children. Maybe he does go to schools and teaches them if they stay busy and work at something like this they won't get into trouble with drugs, promiscuity, etc. I don't know anything about this kid excepting that what he does is truly amazing and if one should look at a lot of teenagers lives and what they do with it..... at least he's doing something and not sitting at home getting into trouble on the internet or playing computer or xbox or those sorts of things all day.

    When I go out and ride a horse am I finding the cure for cancer? Am I protecting others freedom? Am I providing for a starving family? No. I'm getting on an animal that has been known to have it's serious risks involved and I do it for pure pleasure.

    Same with skiing. :D Which I hope to get back into someday....

    One of the problems we've had is kids have no where to go and play anymore! So many people got ticked off when the skate parks were built around us. If the kids have no where to go... they will find places to go. I would far rather see these kids out at the skate park taking their physical energy focused on working on their tricks and skills (yes, I consider it skill what they do) than having these same kids with restless energy out being destructive to mind and body.

    Should this young man be doing what he is doing on public property? NO. I don't agree with that. That aside....... I am able to look at what he does (with a helmut on mind you) and be amazed at what he is able to do....

    You can slap me one later. :D

  3. Wow!! It's like the bike is an extension of his coordinated body.

  4. Melissa, I know! It's mind boggling really....


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