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Friday, October 28, 2011

An Egg

I consider my chickens, The Girls to have a pretty posh life. I feed them fresh good food everyday, I make sure they have water, they live in a penthouse gypsy wagon, and when the sun goes down and it starts to get cold, I provide them with a nice warm sauna to sit in.

All I have asked of them in return is to give me one egg. Just one egg! If each of The Girls gives me an egg then I can have six a day. That isn't too much to ask is it? Especially when one should add to the above list of things I provide for them, a nice clean environment. Meaning poo control....

The Girls haven't been holding up their end of the bargain. Every day I go out and check to see and all I find is a lonely golf ball in the nest box.

I had a talk with The Girls and told them that Thanksgiving is coming. I have been patient, I have cared for them, and either they hold up their end of the bargain or I am not apposed to having roast chicken for Thanksgiving in a few weeks instead of roast turkey!

Guess who got to eat the first egg from our Girls this morning for breakfast?

I think we came to an understanding. I found this wee brown egg next to the golf ball last night when I put The Girls to bed. Henny Penny is holding it next to a store bought egg so you can see how cute and little it is.

I'm glad The Girls and I had a talk.


  1. Poor girls, living with the threat of Thanksgiving over their heads! Next thing you know, you'll find a spiderweb emblazoned with the words 'Some Chickens!' on the gypsy wagon...

  2. Korrie, And Henny Penny sitting out on a stool out by the gypsy wagon everyday conspiring with the spider on how to save The Girls! :D

  3. How exciting to get your first egg! Hopefully they'll start coming in dozens now.

    My sister misses her chickens; they were eaten by wildlife once the dog disappeared. Now they have two dogs, so perhaps next spring they'll try another batch of chickens.

    My husband wants chickens . . . I don't know . . . I'm just not sure I can do it . . .

  4. Anaise, It really was exciting and imagine my surprise to find another one yesterday! Same size, same color, etc. so is probably from the same chicken. The others better follow example! :D

    The chickens are fun but I wouldn't do it just yet if I were in the same situation as you. You do have to go and let them out early in the morning and can't 'sleep in'. If they are 'cooped up' then they get borred or hungry and start to peck on each other. In the evenings it is the same. When they go in for the night they need to be shut in, food watched over, making sure they have water and don't run out....... more bodies to take care of in other words. I am told you need to check for eggs several times a day when they do start to lay or they might start eating the eggs if they are about. If you husband wants to be in charge of it and you have no responsibility that is one thing but usually mom is the caretaker of the pets as dad is away at work. :)

    Your girls would think it was very fun. My kids do and even though they help with the chickens I still have to over see everything 'just in case'.

    Right now with winter coming on I am having to do more to keep water from freezing and making sure they are warm with a heat lamp. It's a little more involved than I remember it being as a kid. :D

  5. I think I have heard that actually putting a golf ball in a nest actually encourages the girls to lay. Maybe this is because it appeals to the common and universal nature of women to one-up each other.

    At least you got a brown egg. That's like - amazing.

  6. Kristen, Apparently The Girls are quite comfortable in their feathers and feel no need to 'one-up' as there has been a golf ball in there for months. :D

  7. Wow. Your comments to Anaise about chicken husbandry (?) have dissuaded me completely.

    However, the joy in your daughter's smile might just be worth it. For you!

  8. Yay!!!!

    And the cleaning out of the coop, that's fun too, no? Our girls have not yet eaten any of their eggs, and they've been fairly gentle with each other though the whole pecking order thing is disturbing to witness.

  9. Ginger, NO! No dissuasion. :) Anaise is going to have a baby soon and has several little ones at home.

    The Native's have been having a lot of fun running out to see if there are any new eggs each day. It's been fun for them.

    Wabi, Yes, the cleaning. Ugh! Not my favorite part. I cleaned it out this past weekend and had a mask covering my nose it is so awful. :) The pecking order isn't very nice. Why can't we all just get alongggggg? (Said in a whiney voice) :D


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