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Monday, October 31, 2011


"But I'm not hungry"  "Hi"  "NO"  "yes"  "to"  "ok"  "Can we sleep"  "Home"  "What's that?"  "(translation needed on this one...)"  "go"

One of the things that I loved about homeschooling The Native's was letting them learn at their own pace.

"Jadon can't play because he hasa headache."

I found if I didn't force something on them, when they were ready, they would dive in head first and I couldn't stop their excitement for learning.

"Have you done your chores."

I don't put my little ones in preschool. I like to keep them home with me as long as possible. My kids are the ones who go to Kindergarten and don't know how to read let alone their ABC's.

"I love mommy"  (posted on my bedroom door)

I want them to be little children for as long as possible because in this world you can't go back. Our kids are having to grow up way too fast.

"I like everything in the world."  "I like to play with my toys."

It doesn't bother or worry me that my kids start school a bit behind the rest of their peers because I know when they are good and ready they'll catch up.

(Besides all of his sight words on his bedroom door)  "Can we go outside with Levi (more translation needed...)"

If I force them they won't love to read or to learn.

"I like to plays up Mario Kart."

I've seen it Native after Native and this Native who is in the first grade, he's just learning to read and write.

"I remember this."

Our house is covered in his writing and I'm excited for him as he sounds out words and explores the world of letters, sounds, and how they go together.

The signmaker himself.

He has also gotten excited about reading.

Can you tell the entire state of Utah has been under construction for awhile?  It's even showing up in my house!!

How cool is it to have a child come to you with a bunch of books and tell you that they are going to read to you?

You can't even walk out the door without being stopped by construction signs.....  umm, don't look at the dirty smears on my front door. 

The nice thing is that Mr. J's school teachers understand and are supportive of my opinions. I realize they have rules/laws they have to follow but they have worked hard trying to make sure the learning environment at school is fun.

Halloween decorations and more signs that I'll need translated.

Since I can't home school The Native's right now that means a lot to me.

Does this Native look like he is hating the learning process?

The happier the child I believe, the more progress they make in their learning........ Just my humble opinion.

The End!

P.S.  Good thing I don't have a "Martha Stewart" or "Better Homes and Garden" house!!  I'd hate to be so wrapped up in my house that having these cute little signs taped all around (with massive amounts of tape might I add.... ) would be considered ugly and not in conforming with the decor...  I believe in having a home for The Native's to grow up in.  Not a house.  There's a difference ya know....  Just another humble opinion of mine.

The End!  For Reals!


  1. Ah. That makes me miss my kindergarten kidlets. I LOVED watching them figure it out. It was just my job to give them reasons to want to or need to. I remember one day when a little one came up to me and said with a bit of a huff, "Well, you have to tell me how to spell 'hope' because when I write down all the letters that I hear, it keeps coming out 'hop'". So, that was the time for the silent e lesson for that little one.

  2. There are places on my walls, tiny ones - a few on the way up the stairs, a few in the upstairs hall, one just inside the den, where Cammon, young and sweet, wrote tiny messages to me in pen. I have painted these walls since - a couple of times. But those places have never been repainted, tiny little ovals of dull and aged paint with these words from my son still written in them. I think I'm going to hunt them up in a minute. And remember when this father of two small children was small, too.

    And Max went through this period himself, just about the same age - signs all over the house. Remember Gin's blog? They had a tiny vestibule at the front door, the inside door being a glass -paned thing. Just a sort of air lock between the inside and the outside. Max called it the elevator, and made signs to tell you what you would find on the various floors this thing could "take" you to.

    I love these signs. And I love what he's writing. I LOVE that he's writing these things, things that are in him, not only outside of him, but all over the walls - in fancy font. Everything you said about learning is true. Every bit of it. There have been studies that have found that a child completely left to be a child in his early years can start learning reading and things at ten years old, and catch up within a year. In Finland they took it further - they found that people without schooling could start with night school in their late teens and learn everything expected of a twelve-years public school child within three years of a few hours a night.

    This has made me happy. And seeing Joel Williams at my door tonight with his four children? Amazing.

  3. My favorite thing about school is writing. I love reading journals and little pieces of writing. It does a teacher's heart proud to see children writing at school and at home. Great transitioning.

    Now, about that one picture that you translated as
    "I remember this." It actually says "I am being nice". I've seen it many a time!! :)

    The last picture with blue and red says "Can I play with playdough?" And the full on paper I'll need a little more time...

  4. Have a happy day of Halloween...don't be a skeleton.
    That's my translation of the last I close?

  5. maybe it is Don't be a bald skeleton...

  6. Well, I like your humble opinions. And totally agree with them. And those Finns are a clever lot ;-) I believe they don't start school until age 7, cuz they're just not yet developmentally ready. Makes sense. To think that our silly government is pushing FULL DAY EVERY WEEKDAY kindergarten for 4 and 5 year olds now. Breaks my heart.

  7. Donna, Cute story. I love that your little student knew that something was missing. That there was more! The brain/mind just fascinates me. I love watching The Native's get excited about something and learn and grow as they take off.

    Kristen, I'd forgotten about Max. He did do that didn't he??

    His fancy font is fun too. He really is quite artistic.

    Tami, Oh you are good! Reeeeal good. You are right! I'd forgotten that is what those said and you hit them right on!

    Donna, Ummm. Sure! Yeah. Uh huh....... :D

    Wabi, One of the kindergarten classes here is a full day. I don't agree with it myself. Mr. J was put in that class and I ruffled up my feathers and said no way! They changed classes and put him in the half day class.

    I do believe you are correct. I like the idea of the Finns waiting until children are older. Too much is being put on little minds that just aren't ready!

  8. Oh hey, a full post on those cute little signs! How awesome is this?

  9. Jody, An entire house full of awesomeness!


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