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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another Eagle Project

Mr. C is working on his eagle project. Mr. T finished his so naturally we are starting on the next child in line. This is one of those things I didn't think through when I had The Natives so close together. Oops.

Mr. C is putting together hygiene kits for school age children in Ghana. In one of the photos below you will see the children in their 'school'. They do not have clean water, are malnourished such that their little tummies are distended, and their hair is an orange color because they do not have enough protein in their diets.

He is also asking for donations of either light weight baby blankets or light weight fabric that we can serge around to make baby blankets. At least 3/4 - 1 yard of fabric for one blanket. When babies are born the mothers do not have anything to wrap their babies in to bring them home. Also pictured below is the 'maternity' hospital. The desk where patients check in.

Any money that is donated will go to a surgical table in this maternity 'hospital'.

Our neighbor goes each spring to Ghana. She teaches nursing at the local University and takes several of her students each year with her. This last spring she helped put up curtains in the maternity wing. Before then, there were no curtains and the windows were on the busy side of the street making it so that anyone passing by would come to the window and watch these poor women give birth.

The conditions are so sad. Mr. C wants to make a difference and is asking for help. He spent six hours along with several in his scout troop going door to door today handing out this flyer explaining what it is he wants to accomplish.

Some of you have already donated. Thank you! If any others would like to, contact me in the comments and I will get contact info. to you. It's amazing what one young man of 14 years of age can do for others.....

The world being such that we live in all personal information needed to be blacked out for safety purposes for my son/family.  If you'd like to donate, let us know in the comments.


  1. Of course we want to help! I wish I could go with your neighbor and help deliver babies! I will call you for more information and we will bring things with us in Dec when we come.

  2. Sarah, I wish you could go too! Then again, can you imagine? If we both went the country wouldn't know what hit it!

  3. I'm totally gonna donate stuff. That's a really good idea for an eagle scout project... I have the flyer on my bulliten board here in my kitchen!

  4. Thanks Hanna and welcome back!!! Missed you today.


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