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Monday, November 14, 2011

By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought To Past

Yes, I spelled the title of this post correctly.  Past.  Not pass.

Most wouldn't consider what I am about to blog about blog worthy but I can tell you that several years ago when I was introduced to this product and searched high and low for it, not being able to find it, if I'd read a post on it, I would have tracked the owner of the blog down and kissed their toes.

I'm talking about these:

I know.  They don't look very exciting do they but let me tell you!  I am excited!

A few years ago when I was in the hospital and having seizures non stop, showering/bathing wasn't an option so the loverly nurses would help me wash with these babies.  They are a no-rinse self-foaming DISPOSABLE (yee haw) wash cloth.

When I got home from the hospital I wanted some.  I needed some.  I hiked the Himalayan looking for them.  I crossed the dessert with Lawrence of Arabia.  I even did the impossible.  I looked under Henny Penny's bed in the hopes that maybe I'd find some magically.  Nothing.  Couldn't find them anywhere.  Only hospitals could get them.  VERY FRUSTRATING!!!    I wanted some for Levi!

Having a child with special needs you need things like these.  You would think with all of the people in this fabulous world of ours that things like this would be accessible to the general public so we could take care of our special ones in our lives needs.  You would think.......... don't even get me started on the whole diaper issue after your child has grown out of baby diapers........

My morning routine with Levi is quite involved and can be down right so messy that even disposable gloves run and hide in fear and tremble.

My neighbor down the street, her son had a kidney transplant a little over a week ago.  His sister donated a kidney to her brother.  A very touching story which you can read about here on this blog as their mother has been keeping us all up to date.  Well, when I saw that she had some of these suckers at her house from the hospital I made a fool of myself all gushy over them.  My neighbor gave them to me.  I felt like she'd given me her kidney!!  She has no idea!!  I did not.....fall down and kiss her toes.  She already thinks I'm quack.

30 wash cloths in this package........ do I dare look on the Internet and see if they are finally now available to the public?  Why not.  I look and guess what??  Fireworks!  Joy!  Happiness!!  Chocolate cake for dinner every night for a week/month!  I found several sites that sell them.  Oh happy day!

It doesn't take much to make this momma happy.........


  1. Well, I'd say circling the globe and finally finding them in your own backyard is, indeed, a whole lot. So there. Congratulations!! I love it when a situation with one bunch of people yields relief and something useful to another. It happened to us last summer, but not in such a fine way. WOAH - two motorcycle cops just whipped by on the jogging path with their lights blazing - headed for the Geneva parking lot. Wonder what that's about?

  2. ... I'm comin to your house for dinner... :)

  3. Oh, I know the BIG kid diaper thing is a NIGHTMARE. But I didn't know about these wipes, and it happens that I know many people who will benefit from this knowledge. See how you are *already* spreading the simple joys? And the importance of SIMPLE is not to be underestimated in lives that are anything but. Thank you!

  4. Congrats on finding them! That is fantastic!

  5. Those things look amazing! When you can find something like this that makes your daily routine more tolerable, it it worth its weight in gold. I am so glad you were able to find them for sale. I may get some to have on hand, us sickies see them as necessary for ourselves sometimes too!

  6. Hooray for the little things that make a BIG difference!

  7. Kristen, Did you ever find out what the motorcycle cops was all about???

    Hanna, How come you didn't come over for dinner?? :D

    Wabi, Oh joy and happiness! I'm so glad I could help someone else out. You said it well. Simple is a big deal when lives aren't simple.

    Chastina, It is hugely fantastic!!

    Jody, They are amazingly cool. Wet wipes just do not cut it and leave smelly residue behind on the 'behind'. :D

    Anaise, A big difference is right. Time to get out the big guns with this boy!

  8. I was so hoping that one package would help you find more. So glad to hear it.

    Since you didn't kiss my feet, cookies or brownies will do.

  9. Kathy, Deal! :D It's the least I can do.......

  10. I just ordered some of these. They look fabulous! I have butts both far and wide to clean in this house, including little furry ones. I wonder how these would work. You even know on those day where we need to take an airplane bath? Yeah. I'm pumped! My cockpit won't know what to think.

  11. Jody, You 'crack' me up!!! :D Actually, your idea of using these on our furry friends is a good idea I'd not thought of!


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