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Friday, November 11, 2011

Keeping Busy

I just got an e-mail from my mum wondering where in the world I am and what I am doing??  See?  If I don't keep this thing updated then she starts to worrying.

I am happy to announce that I have been feeling great and so therefore, I have been busy!

  • Cleaning kitchen cupboards.  GROSS!
  • Cleaning out my fridge.  EVEN MORE GROSS!
  • Raking leaves.
  • Tilling gardens.
  • Exercising. GROSS!
  • Knitting leg warmers to match the baby sweater I made awhile ago. (Photos soon to follow).
  • Knitting a hat and mittens for a friends little girl.
  • Reading
  • Riding horses.  (Kristen, we're due to go again......)
  • Going to the temple.  (The temple?  What in the world is that?  Click here to find out.
  • Scrubbing bathrooms.  EVEN MORE GROSS THAN MY FRIDGE!
  • More yard work.
  • Helping Mr. C with his eagle project and wondering how in the world I let him talk me into going with him to Ghana to deliver all of this stuff!  Do you know how big the spiders and snakes are there???  GROSS!
  • Cooking 
  • Helping The Native's with homework and school projects.
Told you I've been busy.  And that was all in just one day!  Riiiiiiight.............

Yesterday while I was washing dishes I sat looking out the window watching the little ones playing and jumping into piles of leaves.  I didn't run and grab my camera like usual....... I just sat and watched........

Sometimes, there is something cathartic about just sitting and watching...........  Levi loves to sit and watch The Girls.


  1. I like to just watch my kids, too. Sometimes my think, "I really should go get the camera," but I don't want to spoil the moment with trying to get the "perfect" shot. So I just watch . . . and trust my heart to remember.

  2. Me too. Except I can't seem to sit down and write about it. Can't really write about home because Dad and Kev read it - and I don't want them to know how much it wore me out to be there, keeping Dad company but having to mince through the mine fields all the time; he loves having someone there, but doesn't want them to talk that much, or bring up anything he doesn't want to think, worry or talk about (which is pretty much everything). So I spend my time trying not to overstep. Had a great time with Kev. And since I've been home, I've been catching up about three weeks' worth of re-organizing after Halloween and cleaning for the next holidays, and remembering to worry over the coming gift gathering and the property tax and all the stuff that is grown up and has to be taken care of.

    So I just wrote about it here. Christmas lights are up outside, mostly - because I knew the storm was coming. That's good, though, huh? And only Chaz and Chels for Thanksgiving, which is just right for this year. But I still feel desperately behind.

    And I don't even have an Eagle project to do. Feels like winter today. I wanna hibernate.

  3. Kristen, I hear ya. I'm tired and discouraged this evening. Ready to put The Native's to bed and hibernate at some point..... after I get my Young Women's lesson ready for tomorrow...... sigh.......

    Brian wrote all about Jerusalem today. Made me wish so badly that I was with him. He is telling me about places I've dreamed about for years seeing.....

    Oh well...... next year in Jerusalem.......

  4. Wow! Can you bottle some of that energy for me?

  5. Jody, I did! It arrived in the mail. ;)


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