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Friday, November 11, 2011

Generosity Abounds

Last Saturday Mr. C along with several other boys and leaders in his scout troop gathered around while Mr. C gave them instructions for his eagle project. It was early, it was cold, and it was a Saturday. Not how most young men spend their Saturdays.

The boys were all given a map and a pile of fliers. For six hours!!! they went door to door explaining Mr. C's project and asked if people would be willing to donate items for hygiene kits, fabric for baby blankets (or baby blankets already made), and or money for a surgery table that is going to cost about $2000.00. If they were, their address was taken down and they were told the boys would be back again this Saturday to pick up the donations.

Frozen fingers and hands were warmed with hot cocoa and warm donuts and later pizza as these boys worked through out the day.

Last night the doorbell rang at about 7:30 PM. Mr. C was called to the door where a neighbor of ours said he had a truck load of stuff for him and would he help carry it in. I sent Mr. C along with his brothers out to help and then sat dumbfounded as box after box came into the house. Boxes of soap. Hundreds of bars of soap. Boxes of shampoo...... deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste, etc. were brought into the house.

I have found over the past few years as my boys have done these eagle projects that people are so generous and willing. Tomorrow Mr. C and a bunch of the youth in the area will go to the houses where people said they would donate. I am so excited to see what they are able to gather. On Tuesday night of next week the youth that have volunteered to help Mr. C are going to put all of the supplies into plastic bags that Mr. C will then take to Ghana in the spring.

So many times we look at the hardships in this world and wonder what we, one person can do.......

One 14 year old boy, with the help of so many generous people, can indeed, make a huge difference.


  1. So let me know what it is you need now cause I don't want to get you more of what you have.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I'll let you know after we collect tomorrow. Most likely toothbrushes and floss but I'll let you know.......

  3. Hooray! I bought toothbrushes and floss! It is such a good project for all of those youth to be involved in and man, those people are going to be so excited to recieve all of those supplies.

  4. Helping collect all the materials today was great, I'm glad I was able to be a part of Mr. C's project. :D

  5. What a great project! So glad that one person can influence others to do so much good!

  6. I wanna know what you were shy on. And who BROUGHT A TRUCKLOAD??? Wonderful. So did she talk to Jim about the surgery table? Because that's an awfully good price. Tell. Tell. And YAY for Mr. C.

  7. Anaise, It really is seeing these kids accomplish great things.

    Hanna, Thank you for helping!!!! You rock!

    Chastina, He's a great example to all of us.

    Jenni, The youth of today are amazing. They've always been amazing but they seem to just get more and more amazing.

    Kristen, Toothpaste, floss, toothbrushes, and little bottles of hand sanitizer. We are no where near what we need. Our lovely neighbors who live just across the street (west) from the church brought the truck load. You'll have to ask Karen about the surgery table. She can tell you more.

    Sadly, there were very few who donated today. It was kind of discouraging for Mr. C. He is going to get on the phone on Monday and call dentist offices and see if they'll help.

  8. Amazing Rachel and I love your header photo!!

  9. Linda, Thank you! I thought you of all people would like my header photo. :D

  10. So wonderful! You must be gushing with pride. (I like the doterra sticker in your vehicle window) Hee Hee. I got mine Sat, thank you. Started taking immediately. Talk more later.

  11. Jody, Like that sticker eh? I can get you one. :D


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