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Friday, November 4, 2011

From an F to a solid D

Here are my first three batches of yarn. This is from the wool I carded and have now spun. Remember the icky wool. Amazing that it can turn into this.

First batch. Umm. Needs some work but could make a really funky scarf no?

Second batch. Getting better control......

Third batch. My teacher asked me what in the world I was doing trying to spin such fine yarn. I told her I had no idea! That was just how I was expressing myself artistically that day! I'd had a hard week and I was feeling a little strung out!  A little thread bare.....  The SM was out of town for work but he is back in town so I'm sure my next batch will be all nice and lumpy plump again.

Speaking of lumpy plump.  Mildred decided this morning that she doesn't want to be Thanksgiving dinner so layed her first egg this morning.  Quite smart of her I thought.  She's laying an off white egg so now we've a brown egg and an off white egg in the nest.

I had a feeling that she was rethinking things when I went out and fed The Girls this morning.  She was in the nest and when I asked her if she was going to get out of there and get some grub like the others she gave me a look of exasperation, turned her tail feathers to me, shoved her nose in the corner, and ignored me.

I thought I'd wait for her to do her thing and then I wouldn't have to make two trips out to the coop this morning (heaven forbid........).  Man was I given a slicing look.  She looked over her shoulder at me and I told her I was sorry and quietly closed the door and left her to her business in private.

Why she should get privacy is beyond me........... I've never had privacy when I'm bringing little ones into the world.............  just sayin................  Next thing I know the chickens will be asking for typewriters and heated blankets........

I have a neighbor who has knit her chicken some clothes.  I kid you not!  Her chicken is naked.  Funniest looking thing ever and funnier still to me that she knits it clothes.


  1. Funny thing.... If you scroll through the four pictures of the yarn on your sofa kinda quickly, the skeins look just like newborn puppies. But if you linger on each one, they look like exactly what they are: homemade spun yarn made with love...with a little frustration thrown in for good measure.

  2. Mike, :D They look like those chew toys for puppies. The ropes that puppies use for tug a war!!

  3. Now that is what I want to see pictures of! A naked chicken with a housecoat.

  4. It is not I who knits for chickens. I don't even knit for dogs. Maybe for horses - now I hadn't considered that.
    I think Mildred is smart to have cast that egg - you never can tell when people are getting serious about eating you. And you need to dye that wool now, Ms. Homespun. Whatcha think?

  5. Sarah, I'll have to see if I can find a photo. I know there is one on FB somewhere......

    Kristen, Yes indeed! A little splash of color here...... a little splash of color there........

  6. I think your handmade yarn is lovely . . . even the earlier/lumpier versions.

  7. I think your yarn looks great. Even the lumpy plumpy kind because I would've given up long before it got that far.
    Hooray! for Mildred.

  8. I can harldy imagine how exciting it is to go from stinky wads of sheepy wool, to something you can wear! Well, you can't wear it quite yet, but you will, right?

  9. That lumpy plumpy yarn would make a pretty fun scarf.... :D That looks like a lot of fun.

  10. Thank you everyone. You are all very kind...


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