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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Mr. M as.......... The scary assassin.......

Every Indian girl must have a pony.

Thankfully The SM knows how to draw because if I tried this Miss K would look like she had a big ol' bruise on her cheek.

Look close at the apron........... can you see it??  Kristen?  Wabi?  Jenni?

The cool thing about this costume is the piece of fabric in front, the apron. The SM got  it down in Panama years ago when he was 19 from the Panamanian Natives while he lived there for two years serving a service mission for our church. The fan she has in her belt is also from the Panamanian Natives. Both are hand made. The beaded necklaces Miss K has around her neck are from Malaysia where my parents served an eighteen month service mission for our church a few years ago. The Malaysian Native's handmade these as well. Kinda cool!

The SM's parents just got back from serving an eighteen month service mission in Latvia. We're kinda proud of our parents for taking the time to go and serve others.  Not to mention all of the nieces and nephews who have served and those who are planning on serving.  All of The SM's  brothers went on 2 year missions plus a sister of his.  My brother and one of my sisters went on a mission.  All of my and The SM's sisters spouses went on missions.   All go to various parts of the country/world and serve.  The even cooler thing is that they go when they are 19 (boys) and 21(girls), they pay for all of this themselves, and they do it because they want to!   Can you imagine taking two years or 18 months out of your life when you are 19 or 21, often learning a new language, and from dawn till way after dusk serving others.  We come from pretty good stock I'd say!

Sorry....... got a little side tracked..... back to the costumes.........

The tongue....... it came with the costume. The original Mr. Frankenstein always had his tongue sticking out.

Those would be pectoral muscles Mr. B is sporting.  

Levi wanted to be Indian Jones! Mr. B is a walking foliage. Mr. T is a studious snow boarder. They do exist ya know........

"Hi!  My name is Mr. Ed"!

Last Saturday Henny Penny and Mr. C went trick or treating on horseback. Cowboys and Indians of course!! The horse Mr. C is on is named, Kopper. He kept cracking me up with his tongue sticking out. Personally, I think the horses name should be Mr. J and should have a Frankenstein costume on.

The boy and  his scarf that he hardly ever removes and so has earned the nickname, Scarf  Kid.

I don't have a photo of Mr. C's costume that he wore for Halloween. He left for school before I had a chance to take a photo. I didn't realize he'd worn one. I was later told that he did indeed have a costume on. He went to school without his scarf! He wanted to see if anyone would notice....... That kid has the funniest sense of humor.

Also not pictured is The SM and myself in our costumes......... bummer.  Kinda forgot to do that.


  1. Gotta put mine up, too. And how did the SM know to bring home a HORSE QUILT before he was even married to horse woman? COOOOOLLLLL!!!! We have cool stuff around here that G got on mis mission to France and Cam got on his in England and M got on his mission to Argentina! GO BOYS!!

  2. Okay. I really want to know. Did the lack of a scarf get noticed or not?

    Loved Henny Penny's get-up!

  3. What a fine lookin' bunch of trick or treaters you have there. The tongue accessory is awesome - almost as awesome as the horsey wonder of an apron! And the studious snowboarder cracked me up. I suggested to my husband that he ride the 10 kms to town on one of the horses, dressed as the headless horseman. He didn't go for it.

  4. Oh yes I saw it! Very nice and now I have a bad case of wanties ;-) Love the trick or treating on horseback....way cool as are all the costumes :-)

  5. Kristen, Pretty awesome huh? It was deeeeestinyyyyy.

    Ginger, Would you believe no one said a word?? Didn't wear his scarf for nothin'. What a disappointment.

    Wabi, I can't believe your husband didn't go for that! I can't imagine why he wouldn't. Where is his sense of adventure? ;)

    Jenni, The trick or treating on horseback is becoming a tradition. The kids have done it for several years now and they look forward to it each year. It really is fun and they get a kick out of the people looking at them.

  6. All so cool. Love Henny Penny's look. She sports it well. I also like all the signs on the wall in the background! Now let's see you and B's costume!

  7. Jody, We seriously forgot to take any photos. :D And I was wearing a wig and everything!!!! :D The SM was sporting an ax. A real one!

  8. HAHA, mine had a real machete. Boys and their toys!

  9. hahaha great costumes! They're all amazing. Mr B, you are hilarious. Mr. T looks fantastic. Henny Penny is adorable! About Mr. C's costume- on the way home from the bus I asked him what he was, and he told me that he didn't have his scarf and it totally freaked me out, because he does have it on all the time!
    I love halloween... :D

  10. Hanna, What did you dress up as??


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