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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Beginnings

Not sure who to give credit to for this lovely picture.  I can't find the original source..... if someone knows, please share!

As I sit here on my couch, wrapped up in a flannel quilt I made, hacking up a lung, I contemplate the past year and a new year to begin.

This year will have many big changes and firsts for us.  This year will set into motion a new stage in our families lives.  For so many years we've had little ones entering the nest.  They have been great years of nurturing, holding, loving, rocking, singing, memory making, struggling, tears, loving, singing, rocking......

2011 ends this part of that chapter and 2012 opens the chapter where little ones start to leave the nest.  The SM and I have been working hard preparing The Native's for this day.  I begin to wonder if it isn't us, the parents who need the preparing as The Native's seem to have no problem looking forward to this with excitement.

It is an exciting time though, to see the little ones grow into adults and the magnificent people they are becoming. I know that they will contribute to society in a positive good way.

I know this isn't the end of anything.  It's a continuation of something beautiful that is going to get even better as it expands and grows.  You know, I'm actually looking forward to this!

Amazing..... there is hope for me yet!!


  1. It's interesting to see how the Lord prepares us for the different stages we go through.

  2. Not being a mother, I can't quite imagine how you are feeling, but in the end with all the kids I taught I wasn't happy to see them go, but I was proud that they were ready. Seems like a nice compromise. I'm sure your oldest native is have done your job well. Be brave!

  3. Well, at least we're going to be on the same side of the hill, eh? And I have a persona question for you - if you coughed up one lung this morning before church and another as you wrote this - ummmm - how many do you have left?

  4. Poor you coughing up lungs is no fun! I think you have turned a corner saying you are looking forward to this change, you have had some anxiety about it, congratulations its a good step! the no more babies is a hard one to get around though isn't it. i'd have another baby tomorrow but not another 8yr old ;-) xx

  5. Wishing you joy in every phase you're in . . . and wishing you good health, too!

  6. Chastina, It really is and I can see His hand in all things. Maybe not at the time, but eventually.

    Donna, It is much the same. Not happy seeing our kids go. You are a mother to those children you taught and always will be! I still remember several of my beloved teachers who took the time to care for me.

    Take a deep breath and being brave. Maybe that will be my word for 2012. Brave. I think that is a good one for what is to come.

    Kristen, I don't have any lungs left. I've coughed them all up and I still keep coughing so obviously they are like those other organs that we don't need........ appendix...... tonsils........ lungs......... who needs em!

    Jenni, I think I've turned a corner too and it feels good. Doesn't mean I might pull a 180 and go back around that corner :) but for today, I'm headed in this direction. I hear ya on the babies. I just love babies but they grow up and don't stay babies! I guess that is another good reason our kids grow up so they can keep having babies for us and we don't have to stay up at night and feed them. I'm too old for that bit.

    Anaise, The same to you! Wishing you joy in this phase you are in with your new little boy and all of those doting sisters. :) And much good health. Yes, much good health to keep up with all that we do eh?

  7. I've heard many people say 2011 was a horrible year for many things. I hope 2012 is a better one for all I know. I believe some years are more challenging than others, but perception is always the key. I appreciate that you are balanced. Hugs to you!

  8. Jody, Oh I'm balancing! I've got a bunch of tissues in one hand and a box of chocolate in the other. :D

  9. Hey, Rachel ~ we are coughing in harmony!!! It sort of sounds like I'm coughing up chopped liver and it's distressing my dog.

    I DID get a chest xray today to check for pneumonia which I didn't have. Late this afternoon, the doctor gave me an prescription inhaler - PROVENTIL - which has helped immensely with only one treatment.

  10. Ginger, I actually looked up pneumonia symptoms on the internet I was worried enough with this cough I have. I am actually starting to feel a bit better today so....... we'll see.

    I'm glad the PROVENTIL is working for you! I'll keep that in mind if this continues much longer.....

  11. Hope you are feeling better!

    I am happy to see you are hopeful! You are such a great example to me.

  12. Nat, Yikes! No example here! I'm the blind tumbling after the blind!


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