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Friday, October 10, 2014

60 Days

Zoe, Levi's dog and I have started on a new adventure.  A dog trainer named, Ty Brown is in the process of filming a DVD series called, "Transform Your Dog in 60 Days".  Guess who one of the dogs is?  Yup!  Zoe!  For the next 60 days, Zoe and I are working on this project and being filmed in the process.

The dog trainer made a joke saying that from now on, Zoe would need to work for her food.  She needs to earn it! I measure out her food each morning, put it in a pouch that I carry at my waist, and as Zoe works and earns it through out the day, I give her food as a reward.  This makes sure she gets the right amount of food and I'm not just feeding her treats all day making her a fat and sassy dog.  

Yesterday while outside 'working', I made her this sign and sent this photo to the dog trainer.  I told him when we started that I hoped he had a really good sense of humor, not just because he'll need it because of my ineptness but because I also enjoy doing goofy stuff like this to our dog.  Poor Zoe!  See what she has to put up with??

Her training has been coming along nicely.  We've been at it for a few days.  I knew it was going to be hard work but knowing and actually experiencing are two different things.  Right now, Zoe is tied to me.  All. Day. Long!  She has no freedom.  She's grounded!  That's right!  You heard me!  Don't roll your eyes at me!  You're grounded missy for the next couple of weeks.

Wait, a minute.  Who's grounded??  I'm grounded.  So, whilst Zoe is attached to me, we are working on all sorts of things and as we work, she gets rewarded with food and I get rewarded with..... You know, I think I need two pouches.  One pouch for Zoe with her dog food in it and another pouch for me with chocolate in it!


  1. Literally tied to you? I'm looking forward to hearing how the training goes. What a great opportunity! The being in front of a lens part would make me so nervous.

    I love the shot. Humour is a must!

    1. Yup! Literally tied to me. Where I go, she goes......... and if she can't (I'm SO not taking her into the shower with me! :D ), then she is in her kennel. No freedom! For either of us....... I even took her to church with me yesterday! I asked her what she got out of church, what she learned, was she spiritually edified, uplifted, etc. but she had other things on her mind like, can I have a treat now for being good?! Reminds me of the natives...........

      Being in front of the camera doesn't bother me. I wondered if it would be the dog trainer I'm working with is very relaxed and so the atmosphere is quite fun and relaxed. Lots and lots of humor, thank goodness!

    2. Typo: "I wondered if it would be BUT, the dog trainer............

  2. Okay, you make me laugh! Surely she got something out of church, she just can't articulate it other than through her excitement about treats. What an experience for the both of you!

    1. I need to write another blog post. The experience has been nothing short of amazing.


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