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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Parable of the Pot of Chili

Next to my bed is a little notebook.  I call it my, Blessings Notebook.  Each night, before I go to bed, I write in said notebook.  I think about the day and the miracles and blessings that have transpired and write them down.  So many times, when I pick up my notebook and pen, I think there really hasn't been anything that day, but as I think and ponder, thoughts come to my mind, and I find there are usually several!  Well, besides the usual blessings and miracles that miraculously happen each and everyday that I merrily take for granted!!

Last night, as I thought about the blessings for the day, I thought about the pot of chili.  It reminded me of the book, "Stone Soup".  You remember the story?  If not, you need to go back and read it.  Or, you can 'read' it here where The Natives acted it out.

Anyway, on Saturday, our neighborhood had a chili cook off.  We've had it every year for as long as I can remember.  It takes place over at our church and all are invited to come, have some chili and other goodies, and sit and talk.  The SM had signed up to make a pot of chili and I signed up to make some cornbread.  The day was a busy day which involved some scouting stuff and Levi getting sick.  Really sick.  Scary sick.  The SM made his pot of chili.  I didn't get around to the cornbread.  Not feeling guilty.  It's life.  I stayed home with Levi and cared for him while The SM took The Natives over to the church for dinner.  The SM was busy with helping set things up and helping little neighborhood children make balloon animals so his pot of chili didn't get set out right away.  In fact, his whole pot of chili didn't get set out until everyone had had their fill of chili.  He brought his pot of uneaten chili home with him later that evening.

Not a problem!  We've a big family!  It will get eaten quite soon.  Sunday came along and Levi was still sick.  Yay for us!  We've a whole pot of chili that is untouched!  I don't have to worry about fixing dinner.  I did hurry and whip up some cornbread to go with but that was mere minutes to do.  No biggie.  I get a text from a dear neighbor friend asking about Levi.  She is praying for him and wishes she could do more but is home with a migraine herself.  She suffers from migraines.  Nasty business.  I can handle most things but migraines........ they put me under!

Guess what?!  Stone Soup!!  I have a huge pot of chili and some cornbread!  We send some chili and cornbread down to her family.  There's enough for both of our families because The SM's pot of chili just 'happened' to not get put out until too late at the chili cook off.  Coincidence?  I think not.  On Saturday I thought, "What a shame people didn't get to enjoy The SM's chili".  On Sunday, I was thinking, "What a blessing that The SM's chili was untouched and we've some to give to a family in need"!  See how this works?

And then, I get a message from another dear neighbor worried about Levi.  How is he doing and she'll be bringing us dinner on Monday night.  Do we have any food allergies....

Stone Soup.  (Or a pot of chili) It's a blessing.  It keeps growing.

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