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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Sunday's.  It's a mad rush getting all of the natives spit shined and polished before heading out the door to church.  I can remember when the natives were little, The SM, was at meetings before church, and me at home getting them all ready by myself.  Years of getting baby natives out the door by myself.  I would literally have an assembly line.  I'd throw all of the boys in the tub, grab the spray nozzle, and hose them all down.   I'm amazed I kept going to church!  There were so many Sunday's by the time I'd get to church and plop down in my bench, I would sit there in a daze.  Don't ask me what was taught, don't ask me what was sung, who knows!  I was too busy in a daze feeding cheerios and what not to the natives to keep them quiet and felt myself accomplished if I'd gotten myself dressed and actually remembered to zip up my dress before heading out the door!

I would have to remind myself time and time again, I'm not going to church for me right now, it's about the natives.  I'm going to church for them because darned if I was getting anything out of the meetings at that time!

That's life though isn't it?!  A lot of times, it's about doing the right thing regardless of what our bodies and thoughts and what nots want us to do.  We push through!

Sunday's.  I love Sundays.  I admit, I didn't use to!  As I see my natives grow up in the church though, I'm so glad for Sundays.  I'm so glad my parents taught me what comes first.  I'm so glad as I sit back and watch my natives take off on their own putting others and service of our God first.  Not to say they are perfect.  We aren't.  None of us are.

There is still a lot of monkeying around.  Lots and lots of monkeying around, and laughter.  I like the laughter the mostest.  And winning.  Man, I sure like to win!  And when I don't........  I pout, and then I say, BEST TWO OUT OF THREE!

P.S.  Did I mention naps?  Sunday naps are the best.  There's a reason Henny Penny isn't in any of these photos.....


  1. I remember those days . . . not really. I remember that I used to have those days, but the days themselves are actually all a blur--kind of years of Sundays all blended into one difficult day.

    1. Exactly!!!! When I was writing this post, I was thinking of you and knew you'd be able to relate quite well!

  2. Drat, my internet connection is sloooooooow, so I can't see the photos. But I can read the words, and they make me smile. I like laughter too. And naps. And families that are, well, families (if that makes any sense).

    1. Yup! Makes perfect sense. The photos are of my baby wrestling with his daddy and us playing games, and Levi with his dog, and other shenanigans. Typical family stuff. :)


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