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Monday, October 13, 2014

Today's Letter From The Philippines!

Still no idea what the photos are about.  I can guess what some of them are but others..... we'll just have to guess.

Obviously on a bus going to................. with whom................. ????  Who knows????  But isn't he just the cutest???
 Im so sorry for missing you!!  I went to the hospital this morning to bless a member who is having problems.  I love you so much!  I truly hope to catch you next week!  (Mom note:  Normally we get to email for a few minutes back and forth.  I waited up last night until 11:00 PM my time and then went to bed.  So, we missed our 'chat' time.  Boo for me!)

To begin the weekly sadja gid!  I would like to say that I am feeling so much better!  I am completely whole again and up on my feet!  Thank you so much for the prayers that you have given in my behalf!  I could seriously feel the strength from everyone.  It has been a very spiritually uplifting experience.  This week has been incredibly flooded.  We had the typhoon come in around Thursday night and most of Friday.  It was incredible!  I was wading in water easily up to mid calf.  It was so much fun!  I even caught a few fish passing through the streets.  Just today the sun finally showed itself.  We havent seen the sun in almost a week till this morning.  There are so many homes flooded as well.  It was kinda interesting teaching lessons in the water.  The people here are such awesome sports though.  Almost all the people team up to help each other.  It has been very special to be a part of that.  Before the storm on Thursday, I had the special opportunity to have splits with a brand new missionary.  Due to so much rain though we spent most of the time under a roof trying not to get swept away in the rivers.  Pretty darn fun I must say.  

For those wondering about how the Language is coming.  Its coming!  I can speak alright.  I just have a very hard time expressing myself.  I still have a hard time with small talk but I will get it for sure before I leave this area and have to learn the next language.  

General Conference was as you all know, a blast!  The Philippines receives DVD's of the Conference a week later but it was amazing non the less!  Everyone meets at the stake center (church building) to watch the videos.    Choosing a favorite is pretty well impossible for me so Im not even going to try.  And just as awesome, we had 8 of our investigators come to at least one session of General Conference.  That was awesome!  Most of them should be baptized within the next month.  It is going to be a glorious end of the year!  

Another member passed away recently. She died of a pretty horrible disease.  From what I got out of the conversation, there was something terribly wrong with her kidneys and both of her legs rotted out.  They were not able to save her and after a days of pain she passed away.  We visited her family and husband on Saturday to try to give them comfort.  They are a older family.  Tatay Chutilla, the husband, is well into his 60s.  He is one of the stronger members we have here.  His faith is incredibly bold.  He showed me his books that he has from the church.  He doesnt know where they came from but he reads them everynight along with the standard works.  He taught me a few lessons I will never forget and somethings I will want to do in my older years.  

"Pet" fish caught in the flooding.
This week has really taught me just how lucky of a person I am.  To be born the States is truly a major blessing, especially with the modern technology and medicine that we have.  I am so thankful for so many of the blessings that I have been so very blessed with.  And the most important one I feel is my family.  I love them so much!  Things really do not matter.  What we should truly treasure is those things that are forever.  For those treasures shall God preserve.  I truly wish I could truly tell you everything I am learning and experiencing. I am so weak.  Im only one little person in the Philippines.  But the Lord has lifted me up so high!  I can only write so little and like Nephi, (ancient prophet in the Book of Mormon) I am not mighty, not like unto speaking, for he/she that speaketh by the power of the Holy Spirit can speak wonders.  The only thing I can say with the little time is Endure.  Trust in the Lord! He can lift you to achieve your true potential! You are loved!  You have a purpose here in life!  Rely on Him and use the Atonement of Jesus Christ in your life.  Choose to follow the Savior now!  I promise you this day that He will help you if you let him.  He wants to help you but we need to allow Him to do just that.  How has given us tools in this life to help us.  Prayer.  Scriptures. A church to go to. Fasting for times of dire need.  Family Home Evening to protect the family.  And above all, the Temple.  Go to the temple if you can.  Often!  It is the very house of the Lord! If you cannot go right now because of whatever reason, remove that barrier.  Seek help.  The blessings are so worth it. I plead with all within my reach, use these tools!  They are all free for OUR benefit.

Teaching Filipino family during the flooding.  Love the look on my natives face.  Glad to see he's still got his goofy sense of humor!
In final, I say unto all, God lives!!  And He loves us all so much that He sent His very Son to die for us so that we could return triumphant.  Use the tools He has given us.  If we do I promise you peace now and in the life to come.  God has a plan for you personally!  And His plan is flawless!  I testify of these things as a representative of Jesus Christ in the very name Jesus Christ, Amen.  


  1. Reading this makes me miss the Philippines! Sounds like he's doing great and having an amazing experience!

    p.s. He's riding in a Jeepney in that picture. (They go back to WWII when the Americans left their vehicles behind. The Filipinos used them for public transport and then started manufacturing their own.)

    Sadja gid = Extremely Fun

    1. Yay! You can interpret and figure out what is going on for me. You're hired!!! :D


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