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Monday, October 13, 2014

The Philippines. A Week Late. Better Late Than Never!

Dear Native of mine,

Thank you for the photos!  Ummm, Next time, care to explain what is in them??  Inquiring minds (your mother!!!) wants to know!

Painting?  Cooking with flour?  White on the faces because??  Who knows!  Regardless, seeing my babies (he'll always be my baby, hush) face makes me very very happy.  Especially when I see that smile!  Laws!  I miss that smile!!
 Well, if I can say anything about this week its sick. And I still am! Ive mostly just been sick with fevers and something else. I have no idea what it is really, my skin looks pretty cool with all these red spots and marks. Its been a very trying week for me. I spent all of Wednesday in bed which was really lame. Umm...yeah! I cannot believe it is October already! Time flies by so fast in the mission field! And everyone keeps telling me that it will only go faster which kinda scares me. Next thing I know it will be Christmas, then 1 year, then homeward bound. Haha, speaking of Christmas, Filipinos love love love Christmas. My companion is counting like crazy and all the stores around here are filling up with decorations. It actually started on September 1. Which feels like yesterday. So yeah! Crazy fun stuff! Thursday we went to work and taught a few of our investigators. I was so tired by the end! I barely made it though daily planning before crashing onto the mattress. Friday was Interview Day with the Mission President. It was alright. I was still exhausted from the day before. It was simply a keep doing good and let me go back to work. We only taught one lesson that day due to me being sick and needing rest. That one lesson though was definitely a big one. We met Brother -------- just on the way home last week and he seems to really want to hear more. We hope to teach more of his family as well. Saturday was a funeral. It was very interesting. One of the members passed away due to old age two weeks ago. I was asked to speak at the funeral. Haha, I really don't like public speaking. But thats what we do! It doesnt really matter what I like or dislike anymore. Ive really learned to just jump right in! Sunday was Fast Sunday which is always a awesome opportunity. Fasting is really such a blessing in our lives. I like to call it the super prayer. I always feel so much better when I fast for a good purpose. Well, thats really about it. All I can say is keep praying! Keep reading the scriptures! And keep doing good! Sounds so simple but does so much good and keeps us protected from the devil and his minions. Ive had so many wonderful things happen to me and I feel so blessed!

I love you so much mom!
Elder Rubow

I am assuming this is a path to someone's home.  The foliage is gorgeous!

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