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Friday, September 17, 2010

Arguing. For the Sake of Arguing.

I'm in an argumentative mood today. I read something that just blew my gasket and so I am going to vent. It's not anything new. We've heard the argument before but for some reason, today I'm going to say my piece. Not to be confused with peace.

Justification. We all use it. Guilty! But...... when everyone uses the same old argument that is RIDICULOUS! Please people! Either own up to your trashy reading/viewing habits or come up with something original.

Argument for reading trash: But the Bible has tons of sex and violence in it!

Here's the deal. I love to read. I read, a lot! I encourage The Native's to read. A lot! The SM reads, a lot! But if all we are reading is biohazardous waste packaged up as entertainment, then being voracious readers is pointless.

Back to the argument. "Why won't you let The Native's read (insert book series)?" When given the answer...... the reply is given in a laughing mock tone "Well, you let them and even encourage them to read the Bible right? The Bible is WAY more violent and has some chapters in it that are downright rated R sexual!"

Question to persons who use this argument. When you pick up (insert book title here) and you are reading it, what is going on with your inner temperature? And what images and fantasies are you conjuring up through out your day as you justify reading (insert book title) because, ya know, it's only a book..... It's not like you're out watching porn flicks right?

Now, read the Bible. Same emotions/feelings/thoughts/etc. going on?

Hmmmmm. I don't know. Maybe there is something wrong with me but when I read the Bible and it talks about dicey things I sure as heck don't have the same reaction as I do if I read a novel that starts to get skank.

But maybe it's just me.......


  1. LOL. i love it when you turn that shade of red. it is beautiful on you.

    you sure are perty when your mad, waahaa.


    the Bible? oh pa-leeze. like we can compare the very WORD OF GOD with anything. nice try though.

    NOT!!!! :)

  2. I don't know Rachel. I would have to disagree. . . . .wait for it. . . ah. There's that color of purple. Now we have moved way past that nice shade of red. Hee.

  3. I've never used that argument before. Hmmm. I will say, however, there are parts in the bible that make me cringe and make me feel sick and I can't get out of my head for yucky long time. Like, when the 2 sisters tricked their father because civilization needed to continue on. Um....gross. Anyhoo--we all have our standards and what's important to us (ex. eagle scout, books, FHE, movies we watch, how much time is spent on extracurrecular (sp?) activities, etc.). Never feel like you need to defend your choices cause that's what it is, your choice.

  4. Ok. I guess I should've read this BEFORE we talked a few minutes ago!
    Why didn't you say, "Just go read my blog!"
    I like Lyndee's comment and will add they are YOUR Natives and you can do what YOU feel is best for them up until that day they turn 18. And then you can just bug them to death with suggestions of what to do after that.

  5. I love your argument. What a great way to determine if something is worth reading or even worth watching!

  6. That's why I don't read the scriptures. I'm trying to keep myself pure.

  7. Misty, Good thing my favorite color is red hey?

    Sarah, HA! Come closer and let's see how red looks on you!

    Lyndee, I won't argue with you. There are bleck parts to the Bible but the feeling inside isn't the same.

    Natalie, I plan on bossing them long after they turn 18. I'm going to be the mother in law from you know where. Just plan on it so there won't be any surprises....

    Chastina, Works for me!

    Anaise, Glad you're with me. I kinda like having people around me.

    Emma, En how!

    Anon, :D Swear to that on a stack of em?


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