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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going Postal

I'm getting to the point where I am feeling like the second half of the tri post is going to have to be, I went, I ran, I conquered. Time just is not a friend of mine since The Native's went back to school!

I don't know what my deal is but I have been on one lately. I think I need a time out. A big one!

Yesterday, after running The Native's here and there I came home to a pile of mail on the island. My three elementary age Native's had gotten the mail on their way home from school while I was off taking other Native's to the dentist.

As I looked through the mail I became instantly furious when I saw a catalog that I consider to be pornographic. I grabbed that catalog and the phone and went upstairs out of ear shot from The Native's and seeing blotchy purply red, dialed the number on the back of the catalog.

Blotchy purprle red isn't pretty. It got worse. Instead of an actual person on the other end of the phone I got a computer that wanted me to state my purpose and then I would be directed to the appropriate avenue that I needed. Each time the computer voice asked me a question my answer was more and more heated. NO, I did not want to place a flipping order, NO I did not want to request a catalog, etc. FINALLY, the computer gave me the option to speak to customer service. I growled CUSTOMER SERVICE into the phone and eventually got a real live person.

I told that person that I was ticked, I have told them in the past not to send me one of their catalogs and didn't appreciate them not honoring my request. The gal on the other end of the phone told me that she would make sure I didn't receive anymore catalogs and could I please give her the customer number on the back of the catalog.

I flipped the catalog over and......... it wasn't mine. It had been delivered to the wrong address. It was my neighbors!!!

I busted up laughing and explained the situation to the gal in customer service.

Puzzling. She didn't laugh. She didn't find the humor in the situation........

Side note: As we were leaving the dentist, Mr. J with his numb face started to whimper and whine and said, "I can't sneeze. My nose is too big......... "


  1. Those are the best moments. You're ranting and raving...and then the balloon deflates for some reason or another. I always feel so silly afterwards. Oh, well.

  2. Ha, ha. I love it. I have had to deal with that company and you should be happy it wasn't yours. They told me that they would be happy to remove me from their mailing list but could not guarantee it would happen for 3 months! Really? 3 months. Nice.

  3. Ah, you should've just given them your neighbor's customer number. I'm sure they don't need to see that magazine either! ;-)

  4. I have that same problem with my children. Why do they forget to only check their own mailbox and not the neighbors.

  5. I think I know which catalog you are referring to and I have dealt with that in the past as well.
    Very funny that it wasn't yours. I can picture that scene and it makes me laugh!
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you get your time out sometime soon.

  6. Oh to be humbled by the dirty magazine customer service lady. Seeking new hights I see. Poor Rachel. I hate having "one of those weeks"......take a break honey.

  7. I had a similar incident yesterday. I opened up a link to someone who went on my blog to check out theirs... and found out I didn't want to check it out! Yuck! Thank heavens for trash cans and delete buttons (and neighbors who keep their mail to themselves! ;).

  8. Well, the heck; I'm laughing. And Jody - put it bee-utifully. Pretty dang funny.

    Corine - it's so puzzling, isn't it, when somebody leaves a nice comment on your blog - but then, when you go to theirs, you wonder what on earth they could have like about yours, the two of you are so wildly different.

    Rach - I hope your sister wasn't talking about THAT teen series, because I'd have to disagree with her about how clean and without sex it was; and about the general attitude in the book. But I will agree on this: I read a bunch of books by Jayne Langdon years ago, kids' books that were super - especially The Diamond in the Window . One day I looked her up and actually called her to tell her how great I thought those books were. But she had moved on to adult detective novels - which I had read a few of - and they were okay, but a little edgy for me. And she used the "F" word in them, which really disappointed me. So yeah, me the same.

  9. Lyndee, All I could do was laugh. Thankfully it was over the phone or I'd have died.

    Sarah, You know me, I'd have told them that was fine. I'd take their catalog for three months in exchange for them babysitting The Native's for three months.

    Korrie, I should have! Why am I not brilliant when I need to be??

    Misty, You mean, Duh!!

    Chastina, It was in our mailbox. The mailman put it in with our mail. Can't blame The Native's this time.

    Abbie, I'm glad I could make your day better by making you laugh. Time out for me coming soon. I hope.

    Jody, :D Sigh. What can I say. It's the momma bear in me.

    Corine, Oh yuck! Kristen replied perfectly. How in the world could that type of person invade your space and actually think you'd want to come into theirs! Incredible.

    Kristen, No, my sister was talking about another series. She doesn't like the one you are referring to either. We've good reading taste in my family. Sniff! :D

  10. Jadonisms. You're going to have a book some day.

  11. Kathy, Between he and Levi, they keep me in stitches with what they come up with!


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