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Monday, September 6, 2010

Part one of last weekends adventure.

Thursday morning last week found us loading up and hitting the road a little later than we'd planned as we headed up to Montana. This meant, no stopping for anything!! The Native's weren't allowed to eat or drink the entire way so there would be no potty stops. All nine hours! Okay, so we weren't that hideous but close!

As we stopped and gassed up the truck in Idaho Falls we hit a drive thru, grabbed food, and kept on going. No running around to stretch legs. There'd be plenty of that when we reached Montana.

Idaho. What can I say... good ol' boring Idaho......

Driving through Idaho means long endless roads and bugs. Lots and lots of bug guts on your windshield.

This is a, "My legs are whiter than yours Murphy!" shot.

See? Bug juice. Lots of it. It sounds like it is raining as you drive, so many bugs are splattering across the windshield. We love the big ol' mustard splatty ones. Now those, are sick!

See those red topped things way off in the distance? When I was a kid I would look for those. We would drive down from Montana to visit family and I always kept a watch out for these. They fascinated me. Back then, they were plain silver.

Now they have this on them. They still fascinate me. Grain silos. As boring as Idaho is, the grain and alfalfa fields are beautiful to me.

I do have to be nice for a moment. Anyone who has ever driven through Montana knows there are some really ugly parts. It just so happens that I grew up in the beautiful part in the mountains. Idaho is the same. There are parts that are just breath taking in beauty.

As we passed over the border heading into Montana I saw these off in the distance being drenched in much needed rain. My mountains. "I'm coming" my heart, body, and soul called out to them.

Please excuse the crack going across the windshield. I'd have gotten out and taken better photos but remember, we were in a hurry. Dinner was waiting for us, and country manners required that we not be late. Something like that....

Do you see the piles of hay? They have always looked like loaves of bread to me. Loaves of bread dropped from the heavens here and there out in the fields.

The photos are small so it is hard to see but if you click on them, you will see some wooden contraptions by the loaves of bread. They are called
beaverslides. The beaverslide is what makes the loaves of hay bread.

Want some honey and a slab of butter to go with your homemade wheat bread?

Home. After nine hours in the truck...... I got out and I could smell the ponderosa pines. It was beautiful. My heart started pounding, my eyes lit up, and a smile swept across my face. In twenty more minutes I would be in the arms of my family and loved ones but I had to get of the truck for just a second. A moment to just breath and drink in the beauty around me.

P.S. That last photo with the sprinkler pipes is for a certain someone cuz I know this person just loved moving pipe!! Next time I'll get a close up.


  1. Beautiful to me too! And well worth those hills and mountains that you know will be at the end.
    We drive "home" nine hours to St. Louis and even though our trip ends in East St. Louis with its abandoned buildings and HUGE landfill those last few miles till we get to the boarder when I know I am almost HOME are magical to me!

  2. I recognize that road! I recognize that Budwieser (I can't spell that but, that's a good thing right?) building. I have travelled that road many a time on the way to Alberta. I need to know where your final destination in Montana was!

  3. Awwwww, there's no place like home. 9 hours is a long way to click your heels, but I am so glad you got to go home. I'm so proud of you for this. I KNEW you had it in you to cross the line. I just wish so much I could have been there to high five ya! Part 2 of the story please......

  4. Makes me wish I had been there all the more!

  5. yummy pines! yeah for you! fun to see the trip! ;)

  6. Beautiful pics! Those mountains look gorgeous!

  7. We do that too . . . "No you may not have a drink of water yet; we're not close enough to a bathroom. You can have one in 25 miles."

    Poor kids.

    But so worth the trip. I wish I were there . . . actually I wish I were at the beach . . . but the sentiment is the same.

  8. I never did like that drive to Rexburg. As beautiful as I think Idaho is now (I've lived in Wyoming now, so everything is gorgeous...comparitively), Montana really is wonderful. We drove up to Glacier and I had to take all kinds of pictures. The hap fields were SO cool. The would just make hay stacks all over this particular field and it was amazing. Then there was the big sky...and Glacier. Love Montana (I've done the Bozeman drive, and it has some amazing rugid beauty).

  9. Girl... you obviously haven't been to Northern Idaho (go ahead readers... support me here! ;)!!! I do understand your response. I though the same thing the first time I drove through Idaho, years ago to attend college at the then Ricks College... but it grew on me. AND, in Northern Idaho there are trees and mountains, lakes, rivers and streams!!! It really is quite beautiful. I think I'll just let your little blind site go and keep liking you. ;) Corine

  10. Abbie, It's like a horse smelling the barn! You know you're almost there and you can't contain yourself or your excitement.

    Tami, Hey! You would know that route if you were heading up into Canada. I actually turn off at right before Dillon at the Jackson/Wisdom exit and head over to the Bitterroot Valley. I grew up south of Missoula in a little wee town (few gas stations and several bars) called Darby. My parents now live in Hamilton.

    Jody, You were there. You were there in my heart.

    Korrie, Liesl and Lara did SO GOOD! I was so proud of them. Wish you could have come as well.

    Misty, Oh the pines. When I got out of the truck at the Idaho/MT border I could smell the Ponderosa pines. They smelled SO GOOD!!

    Chastina, They are gorgeous! And not just because I grew up in them. ;)

    Anaise, LOL! It's the only way! Other wise you are stopping every two miles!

    Yes, the sentiments are very much the same.

    Lyndee, It really is beautiful. Growing up there I didn't realize how spoiled I was. Now, I miss it terribly.

    Corine, :D You didn't read the part where I admitted that there are gorgeous parts of ID!! You gotta go back and read. That way you can still keep liking me for reals. :D

  11. Pipes . . . . GGGGRRRRR . . . . *&^&*$%#@&^%& . . . . Don't get me started.


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