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Friday, September 10, 2010

I Hate Running Out of Toilet Paper!

I know, you want to hear about the tri-athalon but first things first. Toilet paper. I have big issues with it. I hate running out of toilet paper. I will buy hoards of toilet paper and stack them in my bathroom just so I can guarantee that there will be no shortage of toilet paper.

I start to see the pile reaching less than half way and I am stocking it up again like a display of canned goods in the grocery store. Do NOT mess with my tower of toilet paper.

This morning, someone in management didn't do their job. I won't point any fingers but I think it is the same person who can't seem to remember to put a new roll of toilet paper on when the old runs out.....

I was sitting in my office minding my own business when horror of horrors......I go to grab some toilet paper and there is maybe one swipe left on the roll! Nooooooo! I HATE RUNNING OUT OF TOILET PAPER! I hear my bedroom door open. I'm in luck! Help is on the way!! Levi walks around the corner....... great.

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. I ask Levi if he could go and get me some more toilet paper in the other bathroom. I show him the few squares I have left and that I need some more. He smiles his big smile at me and walks out of the bathroom (the kid still does not understand privacy). A minute later he comes back with about five squares of toilet paper......

I thank him and exasperated tell him that I need the whole roll! I take off the now empty roll of toilet paper and show it to him. "See? All gone! I need another one."

Levi gives me another smile and tells me, "Sure!". About a minute later he comes in with a huge smile and hands me another empty roll of toilet paper.......


  1. Rofl! Oh, yes. The pain of no toilet paper.

  2. Lyndee, Almost as painful as cheap sand paper toilet paper. Almost.

  3. oh levi!!!!

    well? we are all waiting.

    how, exactly, did you get out of that predicament? come now rachel. spill it.


  4. I love it. He brings you an empty roll. (sound of me laughing). But I sober up. Sometimes I feel like heaven listens in much that same way. Or maybe not heaven - but certainly fate.

  5. That is the best news I have heard all week! This IS no doubt your best post ever. Seriously. Great stuff. Tell Levi he is a little awesome dude that deserves bunches and bunches and bunches of gum. Please and thank you. Now that's what you get for making us wait for part two....waiting on the edge of our seats since (one moment while I gather some posting data) .....since Monday? Seriously, what are you a part time blogger now? Ummmm Yeah, part timer now with no TP to spare.

  6. LOL - sorry to laugh at your expense! How absolutely AWFUL! :o I too... can't stand the thought of running out of TP. And so, I bought a laundry basket with a lid, and in it, I stash a huge pile of TP rolls... right there in the bathroom. You see, growing up, we resorted to using wash cloths FAR TOO OFTEN! TP is something I just won't do without! sorry for your traumatic incident! ;)

  7. That is terrible! I get the same way. I have to have a stash of TP in the bathroom. Glad you got out of the bathroom. :)

  8. Two words: baby wipes. Wipe. Fold. Wipe. Fold. Wipe. Fold.

    You only need two...

  9. Flushable baby men folk won't touch those with a barge pole! I even buy those 3 rolls in 1 so I don't have to run out of paper....but it still happens!

    Good tip....check the resources first, that comes from experience!!

  10. Misty, A Native with a pillow case over their head. One can't just walk in and close their eyes, they have to be dramatic.

    Kristen, I hear ya loud and clear on this one. Sobering indeed!

    Jody, I know. Sad isn't it? The Native's have gone back to school so I should have oodles of time right? I have time like I've got TP!!!

    Anon, I complain no more. You've got me beat!

    Chastina, I have several stashes. I can't stand running out of things.

    Anaise, :D It really was.

    Anon, Yeah baby! Been there. Done that!

    Baa, I have plenty of those but they were in the other bathroom. Of course!

  11. I love Levi. He's such an obedient kid.
    I seriously think this post is my favorite.

  12. Natalie, I am so glad that my predicament with Levi is your favorite story. ;)

  13. sounds like he left you a pile of TP on the floor in the other bathroom. Don't you hate it when kids unroll the whole roll & you have to roll it back up! Just remember, you told him to do it. You wanted another one just like the one you were holding :)


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