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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I know. You want part two of the Tri and I don't blame you. I want it too but blogging takes a ton of time ya know? I don't want to slap it together so in the meantime, while you're waiting for part two indulge me will ya?

For those who have followed my blog for quite some time know about Levi's dog Julie and how she came to be a part of our family. If not, you can catch up here.

Julie has been with us for quite some time now and I am always amazed at how attentive and connected she is to Levi. Because I'm too tired to fight yet another battle, Julie stays home with me during the day while Levi is at school. Ideally we'd like her to be with Levi at school but, as I said, I'm too tired to fight. With special needs kids, everything is a battle.

Three years ago found me in the hospital fighting for my life from the West Nile that had invaded my body two years before that. I've been dealing with seizures ever since. I've never had seizures in my life until then. A lovely side effect from the chronic West Nile that I have.

Lately, we've been noticing something. When I go down, Julie won't leave me. Just like she does with Levi. The last time I went down, she lay next to me in bed, and put her paw on my hand.

We found it to be interesting but didn't think too much about it. Enough to point it out but probably coincidence right?

The other day I was feeling great. Went running in the morning, got a lot done here at home, did some volunteering over at the school...... a good day. As it was time to go and get The Native's after school Julie started to act really weird. She kept getting in my way as I tried to walk out the door. She knows I'm going to go and get Levi so I figured she just wanted to come with. Man she was acting weird. Almost to the point of annoying!

As I was walking over to the school I noticed that my back was hurting and down my arm (all things I deal with with the WNV). The more I walked, the more tired I was getting. I figured I'd hurry and get The Native's, hurry home, and rest for a bit.

Picked up Levi from his class and went to get Mr. M. As I sat outside of his classroom with Levi I knew I was in a bit of trouble. Long story short, a seizure was coming on. Thanks to a friend at the school who drove The Native's and myself home, I was able to get home before disaster struck.

When I got home I bee lined it for my bedroom only to find that Julie had literally gone to pieces in my room. She had been in a worried frenzy while I was gone and had gotten into my trash and shredded it! She's done this before when she is away from Levi and she's worried about him..... but not me!!

As I lay in bed resting I thought about Julie and how she'd acted as I was trying to leave for the school and while I was gone. Interesting......... very interesting......


  1. They know honey, they always know. Pay attention to her, she will be your unconditional friend till her end.

  2. Reminds me of the dog on My Sister's Keeper. How do they know? It's miraculous to me! What an amazing dog.

  3. Aw. What a loyal, sensitive dog! What a comfort I'm sure she is.

  4. "There are more things in heaven and earth, [Rachel],
    Than are dreamt of in [our] philosophy."

    There, I murdered a little Shakespeare for you.

    Remember, our prayers our often answered through the actions of others...and in your case, this amazing dog. Glad he has you under his protection as well!

    Hope you feel better again soon.

  5. ahhhhhh!!!! i JUST finished reading Little Big Life.

    "dogs know".

    i think, "some dogs know."

    and i think that God knows. and so he sent you Julie.

    love you sister.

  6. I love dogs. I couldn't live without ours. I believe that they truly are connected with us on some spiritual level.

    I hope you are feeling better. It is so nice to see you at school, though I'm so busy "herding cats" that I can't stop to visit...but, I will.

  7. ...very cool! Dogs really are wonderful treasures from heaven. :D

  8. I was out crying on the trampoline the other day (it was a really horrid day) when our dog came over and began whining and trying to "kiss" me from under the trampoline. It was my very first experience with dog compassion.

    I've never appreciated it before, but now I'm starting to.

    I'm glad you have a dog to take care of you.

  9. PS glad you are OK!!! AND that dog is such a blessing. :)

  10. JUST saw a bit on TV about service dogs and their sixth sense, and thought of your miracle of getting Julie. Now she's a double miracle.

  11. Jody, It just absolutely amazes me. When I am around the horses they act differently too. They have a calming presence to them. I wish I could bottle some of that up!

    Lyndee, I didn't see that movie but I read the book. Truly amazing animals!

    Lori, She really is. I've loved her for her unique gift with Levi, now I'm loving/bonding with her even more. I don't know what we're going to do when it is her time to go. Best not think about it eh?

    Korrie, :D Shakespeare homeschool style! I love it! You can murder Shakespeare in my behalf anytime. :)

    Misty, I love ya too sista! Yes, Julie is definetly sent to us from a loving Father. I have no doubt.

    Hanna, I know! Totally huh!

    Tami, It's been nice getting to chat with you here and there at the school. I feel like I am over there so much this year they ought to start paying me a salary! :D

    Anon, I dunno.... we used to have one that I'm pretty sure came from that other place.... ;)

    Anaise, Oh my heart! I'm sorry you were crying but how sweet of your dog to try to make you feel better by slobbery kisses! Next time go for the chocolate. It's messy, but a pleasure to clean/lick off your fingers.

    Anon, Thank you. I'm okay. I'm a tough old bird.

    Kathy, As we were talking about the other night, dogs come into our lives for a reason..... Have you figured out Titus's reason yet? ;)


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