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Monday, September 13, 2010

Enlightening Conversations

Miss K having a conversation with her dad.

Miss K: I've been thinking. I don't like saying, "Oh my gosh!" because it sounds
like, ya know, and I don't want to say His name in vain. It's inappropriate.

Dad: My grandma used to say the word "fudge".

Miss K: Well, that sounds like a bad word too. Some people say "nuts" but I don't want to say "nuts" because, you know, boys have......

Mr. J having a conversation with me on his way home from school.

Me: Hey look, there's a Preying Mantis. Don't step on it.

Mr. J: Why?

Me: Because it is a good bug. We like Preying Mantises. They eat bad bugs.

Mr. J: All of the Mantises are good?

Me: Yes

Mr. J: Even the ones that aren't praying?


  1. What great conversations! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah. A laugh. Just when I needed one. Sometimes I say, "Oh, cats!" Or "Spoons!" or "Good Night NURSE" (which is a real phrase out of the thirties and forties.)

    My father used to say, "Krimenitaly," which I think is actually "Crime in Italy" - but it works very nicely, having all those emphatic consonants with edges.

    Or Dingbrat. or - ditzwaddle. or CRAWDAD!!!

    sigh happily

  3. Hahaha! Kids make the world a much better place. Did you see this article? I'm still laughing at the 8 year old.

  4. You are such a wonderful mother. Really.

  5. LOL - Awesome! These kids of yours are SO totally sweet! :D Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Anaise, Anytime. There is more where that came from!!

    Chastina, I got the biggest kick out of them. Glad you enjoyed.

    Kristen, Buggar!

    Melissa, NO! I'd not seen it. Thanks for sharing. Too funny!

    Hanna, Just you wait!!

    Tami, Thank you! Somedays I sure do wonder....

    Anon, They certainly have us laughing quite often. It will be so borring around here someday when they have all flown the coop.

  7. Ha! I love those kind of conversations.

    K- My Grandpa always said "Goodnight Nurse!" Good memories. Thanks for stirring them up.

  8. Natalie, Somehow the 'nurse' part never made it. It was always, "GOODNIGHT!" I never knew nurse was a part of it.... then again..... I never knew that 'sonuva' had an ending either until I was much older....

  9. You have such wonderful children! Very nice. I can learn from them.

  10. Jody, You want to say funny things too? ;)

  11. you betcha. each and every day. laughter and silly-ness is the best policy for most any occasion.

  12. oh! sonuva! whew.

    so glad you shared. those kiddos. so cute!

  13. Misty, Yeah. I never did figure out who the son was of.... :D

  14. Or where the middle of next week was for that matter......


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