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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Great Expectations. I Hated That Book.

Mr. J started Kindergarten yesterday.

Big day filled with expectations. Expectations that I would come home and have tons of time on my hands beings as he is the baby, the last, the nest is empty for a few hours so to speak. Expectations that Mr. J would not cry and have a hard time. Expectations that I would not spend hours and hours at the school. Expectations that I would sit at home and catch up on my blogging.

I tried to read the book, "Great Expectations" several times. The problem is, I kept expecting something great! Never happened. That was my day yesterday.

Sorry mates! You'll just have to sit and wait expecting something great with me. It seems time is not available at the moment. Pick a number and join me in line....


  1. I hated it, too. But I promise you: NOBODY in that book would have published pictures of themselves with their fingers up their noses. Although, doing that might have loosened Mrs. Haversham up a bit. BWAHAHA - pictures of her blogging, wearing that century old wedding dress.

    Did you honestly think it would be that easy?

  2. I'll keep waiting as long as you need me to. ;) (Besides, I have a nasty brussel the size of china to gnaw on and pass my time)

  3. Kindergarten already? I'm sure he will love it once he is comfortable. Then you'll have the time to take that nap you missed. ;D

  4. I love that the backpack is almost bigger than he is.

  5. At least, I had good company when my own expectations weren't met.
    It'll get better with Mr. J. I hope the other situation gets better too, but I'm thinking that is one expectation that won't be met anytime soon. Boo HOO!!

  6. Wow--that's 2 sad kindergarten stories I've read.

    Here's hoping things get better.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. Today I've been thinking about my tendency to anticipate the "better tomorrow" instead of living in (and loving) today. Wisdom is knowing how to work for improvement while contentedly enjoying the chaos.

  8. Things started to look up every day after the first for Hubba as long as they have treats and recess. Hopefully things got better for Mr. J (and you!) too.

  9. Rumor has it that you had part of a day in kindergarten, too…but that just might be a rumor.

  10. Mine starts preschool on Wednesday and my expectations of time alone with my littlest one are VERY high. Hope your expectations get met a bit more next week!

  11. Kristen, That is because nobody in that book had any imagination! If they had....they'd have taken the wedding cake and shoved it up someone's nose.

    Jody, Nasty is right!! Shudder. :D I think that mosquito affected your taste buds too.

    Chastina, It's been a week now. He's doing much better. Thank goodness!!

    Lyndee, I do to! My favorite part about little kindergarteners is their huge back packs. Too funny.

    Natalie, Amen! We can take on just about anything in good company right? It was rough but there were a lot of laughs.

    Anaise, Things have gotten much better. Thank goodness!!

    Melissa, Chaos. That about sums things up right now. As long as we can laugh through it all right?

    Gerb, Things have gotten better. It is amazing how anticipating treats can help a guy get through the day. For me too!! I can get through just about anything if I know I'll get a treat in the end.

    Anon, You know how rumors go...believe and pass on the juicy ones! :)

    Abbie, I do so hope your expectations are met. Mine improved this past week. It can happen!


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