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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Card dilemma

Christmas cards. I love receiving them. I'm always late getting ours out and this year is no different. Here's why:

A) No family photo. Can't seem to get a family photo/snapshot of all of us that I like. (Note: Mum-me must look beautiful in the photo. Don't care about the rest. Mum just has to look good.)

B) The eternally long book/letter that has to be written to go with. The SM and I take turns writing the epistle. It is my turn. The letter is daunting. How do you keep it short when you have as many Native's as we do and try to sum up one year?

And do people really read those things? Do they really care what happened to 'Bill' that year.

Bill, is a mighty ten year old this year. He's doing so well in school. He is vice president of his Lego club, has achieved high ranking in his telekinesis program, learned to play the violin in six minutes and is first chair in the chamber orchestra of peeps. Bill also walks the elderly across the street daily, keeps his room immaculately clean, and scrubs the fungus out from under his mother's toes once a week. Such a darling. We couldn't be prouder of our Bill..

But hey! Please. Send us cards because I promise! I do read the ones sent to me and I love receiving them....... despite my hum bug when it comes to writing and sending our own........

Bah! Humbug!


  1. Come and talk to ME!! I have the answer to all your problems. It's creative, fun, not-boring-at-all, and everyone loves to receive it.

    Also, if I were you, I'd just use the picture at the top of your blog. It says everything.

  2. I love to receive cards too. And I don't care if there is a letter, it's enough just to see those happy/silly/??? faces. (When I do picture cards about 70% of the time it's just the kids because I don't like the way I look in the family picture.)

  3. Tami, Pencil me in. No, Pen! Me in. It's a date!!

    Chastina, I know what you mean. I think 'cute' should grow with us over the years..... why do things that were 'cute' (fat rolls) have to be not so cute as we get older..... I want more cuteness factor!!!

  4. I agree, you look cute in your header picture. Mr. B on the other hand has something hanging out his nose and I'm sure would be mortified to have that sent out. Save it for his wedding slide show. I have yet to send one out and I don't plan to ever do it either. 2 years ago I almost did, but then I got morning sickness. I love when people put them on their blogs! (this would be hard for you because you don't want to disclose names...) I have a hard time throwing them away after christmas because of all their hard work.

  5. You'll get a card from me, but no brag letter. I hate those. I figure if people aren't that close to me to really know what is going on, they can read my blog and be my friend on FB and pretty much know what I want them to know about our lives. I know, call me Scrooge. If you want to know more...give me a call I'll talk your ear off.

    (Really, I'm just tired and onery right now. I should delete this and come back and comment when I'm cheerier.)
    PS- I agree- use your header pic. I think it is fabulous.

  6. Humbug…

    Love it.

    I had planned on cards this year, too…the magic just doesn't seem to be working out like I'd imagined.

    Oh well, there's always next year, right?

  7. You shouldn't have to write a yearly letter isn't that what blogs are for?? Happy Christmas to you and all of yours, hope you have a fun time! xx

  8. I told myself this year, no cards. I was not ging to do it. Then my conscious got the best of me and decided to only send them to certian family and friends. You know, the ones you have "something" with and not just the ones you "check" off the list. I did not have time to create pic cards so I just send regular ones. But I thought the person receiving it would just like that little "hello" in the mail this time of year letting them know I was thinking of them. I've never done the letter thing. It is okay I suppose, but you have your blog to keep people informed of what is going on in your don't need the letter anymore sweetie. Maybe type up a small card with your blog URL and include that! But I'm more interested in Tami's idea so I digress.

  9. brag letter. oh. i am dying.

    i with nat. i HATE THOSE.

    but bill? now that guys sounds FABULOUS.


  10. I thought I left a mile long comment here about how I feel like writing my blog is pretty much writing a Christmas letter all year long, and about how expensive cards are, and how much I like looking at them and how guilty and terrible I feel throwing them away. Didn't I write that? Did you nuke it because it was so Grinchy? Or am I just so tired, I made it up???


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