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Monday, December 13, 2010

Changing Hobbies

I had a grand idea. A fabulous plan. I was going to make my mom the best of Christmas gifts. It was brilliant. I bought the yarn. Beautiful yarn. I began to knit. I knit and I knit. I was starting to worry. I was starting to become unsure of my brilliance. I finished. It wasn't brilliant. It was junk....

I have decided, if it is something to wear, I probably shouldn't knit it. You'd think I'd learn the last time I tried to knit something to wear.

Throwing my knitting needles out the door. I've decided to change hobbies.

I think, "Dancing With The Stars" should call me.

I think I could win that big glitter ball! Move over Jennifer Grey!

Yup! Just ask The Native's. When I start dancing in the kitchen, the whole world stops and stares. I'm so good The Native's won't even dance with me. It's a shame really but I understand. It's hard having such a brilliant Mum. So fabulous in fact that it must be too brilliant for their eyes because when I start The Native's all tell me to stop! Especially when I grab them and make them dance with me.

Sigh.....I am so not appreciated....


  1. If I had to bet it's prolly not as bad as you make it out to be (the knitting) and as for the dancing.....well maybe it is?

  2. Jody, Oh it is! (The knitting) and the dancing, yeah, it's pretty bad too. :D

  3. We should dance together! I guarantee it would make their eyes bleed! But WE would have so much fun.

  4. You think we could learn to cha-cha? And I wanna see the work before it's classified as junk, please. Smirk.

  5. But what about those cute Star Wars guys? Weren't you going to figure out how to knit them? You can't give up now!

  6. Nat, We'll get Kristen, you, and me together and wow The Native's on our skillz.

    Kristen, The work is reduced to a ball of yarn yet again waiting to be made into something else.

    Anaise, No worries! That is crocheting and I've made a few already although my Darth V. has me a little kerplunked as one side of his helmet seems to be hanging a bit lower than the other side.... back to the drawing board on that one!


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