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Friday, December 10, 2010

Twas the week of Chanukah....

souped up on drugs and happy to be going home

when mayhem hit our house, not a creature was happy, because of this mouse.

The faces of siblings showed concern and care, when they found out poor Mr. J had to stay there.

This Native all nestled all snug in this bed, moaned and groaned while missed latkes danced in his siblings heads.

And I in my grubbies and Pa at home tending, settled in for a long set of days and eternally long nights never ending.

Hour after hour there arose such a clatter, machines beeping constantly, nurses running to see what was the matter.

I sat and I knit and I knit and I knit, and what to my wondering eyes did appear...
a little baby hat made from left over yarn, and a scarf that felt like it took me all year.....

The week of Chanukah is a celebration. The festival of lights. A time to remember the miracle of the Maccabees' victory and the miracle of the oil that burnt for eight days in the holy Temple. There's more to it....... but the bottom line is it is a celebration of miracles.

We didn't celebrate Chanukah in the typical usual fashion. The potatoes are still in storage waiting to be made into latkes, the puppets the kids made for a puppet show sit collecting dust, the dreidel sits on it's side waiting to be played with and turned, most of the candles on our Tree of Life *menorah haven't been lit, and visions of stolen chunk a poo cookies dancing in our heads....... (just making sure the theives feel reeeeal guilty)

We celebrated our own set of miracles. The miracle of modern medicine and another oil that was used for the anointing of the sick. Many prayers answered as our little guy was so sick and at an earlier time in history probably would not have made it. So many kind people offering to help. Meals brought in, home made cards and toys brought to Mr. J..... No, not a typical Chanukah but a week of miracles and that is what the celebration is all about!

God bless us. Everyone!

* Just a side note. People call what we light menorahs but they are actually candelabrum. Hanukkiyas. There is only one menorah and it is in the temple.


  1. So grateful to hear about your miracle. Hope Mr. J continues to be healthy.

  2. Did they ever figure out what was going on? Glad to hear Mr. J's back in the comfortable chaos of home.

  3. Chastina, We are grateful to have him home as well.

    Gerb, He got adnovirus and an infection. I've never heard of adnovirus but according to the doctor, it is the worst virus you can get and is no wonder poor Mr. J was so sick and in so much pain. Yes, he's home and last night FINALLY we all slept in our own beds. Sigh.... it felt great! I love my couches but... I love my bed even more!

  4. I love you. I swear we really are twins separated at birth. Do you know how much I love Hannukah (my preferred spelling)? I have books and books about it. I have candles. I teach my little ducklings at school about the Festival of Lights. I make latkes every year...and on...and on...and on.

    I am so glad your little guy is home and recovering. The school wasn't the same without you. :/

  5. Sorry to hear your little man has been so sick, it is such a worry when our babies are not well :-(. Loved the rhyme and is that the scarf you knitted on the snowman? Wow see their is always a good side!

  6. Looks like Mr. J had gifts all around him in the hospital. Although sick, he looked like a happy boy. Thank goodness he is recovering and at home. That's ALL that matters. I hate viruses!

  7. I'm glad he's home and well.

    I'm glad you're in your own beds.

    I'm glad that miracles are real.

  8. Tami, LOL! Awesome! I bet we are twins! How anybody can NOT embrace an evening/week of deep fried food is beyond me. :) I think that is a good thing that the school wasn't the same without me. :D

    Jen, Yes! That is the scarf and the little beanie hat. And as always, I'm onto new projects! There truly is good in all things if we look hard enough.

    Jody, The SM brought all of his stuffed animals from home. Was funny. A little boy in a huge bed with all of these animals around him. Spoiled punk! He was very happy the day those photos were taken. He was souped up on drugs and wasn't feeling a thing/care in the world. It was right before we brought him home. We got the biggest kick out of watching him be punch drunk and the things he'd say was a riot!

    Anaise, Us too! Me too! Amen!

  9. YAY!! Teach me about Hanukkiyas. Teach me everything!! As my kids were growing up, we honored the holy day, too - but I didn't know how to do the food. Some people are uncomfortable having people of different religions honoring holy days that do not "belong" to them. Ironic, since so many non-Christian people I have known have a Christmas tree every year.

    Anyway, to me - a holy day, based on a story of great courage and faith - this belongs to everyone who reverences God, and the Son of God. I look at all these major religions and find something in them that teaches me, that helps me to think my way through life, to pick the things that important - self discipline, sacrifice - courage, faith. They all belong to me as much as anything does.

    Part of that above irony is that Christmas is the holiday most easily castrated - God taken out of it, only the pagan (which are also very Christian metaphors, if you have the eyes and heart to see) trappings left, that and the commercial mess. How sad is that?

    But if you sit quietly, the story of a baby born - destined to die at the hands of his own, for his own - but a baby still, in the beginning - it is the greatest story, the quietest moment, the beginning of the beginning of the world - and it will come flowing out like banners of silk on the wind, and touch you softly, and lie across your shoulders as a protection and comfort.

  10. You know the real story of the Chunk-a-poos (that is IF you read your email), so I'm not feeling guilty. They were gifted. Yours will be less puddle and more chunk anyway- with the same awesome taste, of course. So there.

    Cute story, except the whole sick kid, hospital, & missing out on fried food thing. But you know what? I think I know a good way to remedy that missing fried food thing. I know a little place in Payson that frys EVERYTHING.... To quote my husband when he looked at my leftovers from our last trip, "Would you like a Zocor(anti-cholesterol med) with your entree?"

    I love ya, I am glad you're back and that Mr. J is on the upswing. I also wish that a certain someone wasn't so stingy with a dang recipe and I would just make you 2 batches of cookies to make up for it...

    Okay, so maybe I feel just a little bit guilty.

    Just a little.

    And it passed quickly. ;)

  11. Kristen, Well, the hope had been to teach you more but.... next time.

    Yes! I understand exactly what you are saying. :D My Jewish family always celebrated Christmas. Christmas tree, Santa, gifts, and all.

    I love to embrace them all.

    Nat, You are so fun to tease!! And I love ya too!


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