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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why I Blog.

I was reminded this past week as to why I blog and thought, "I need to blog about this!" :D Ya know. Cuz that is what we bloggers do!

I'm not a writer. I 'blog' but I don't 'write'.

Long before most people were blogging, Kristen was. Kristen, is a writer. Before blog land, she would write posts and send them to her friends and family via e-mail. Then blogs came along and she started one. She encouraged me to start one. That was ridiculous! Why would I blog? I am not a writer! What would I blog about?

Levi she said. People need to know about Levi.

I'm not a writer! I can't start a blog......

Yes you can and you need to! You need to talk about Levi so that if others have a child like him, they can read and relate!

This went on and on for awhile until one day, I sat down, and started a blog. Because Kristen told me to! And she commented, and her daughter commented. So I wrote another post, because all of a sudden, a world that was made up of four walls suddenly expanded.

Being a stay at home mom (which I choose and am blessed that I can choose to be a stay at home mom) is dang tough. I can remember growing up and our family every Sunday being the last to leave church. Sunday after Sunday after Sunday because Mom was so busy talking. Mom! I forgive you. I get it now.

When you are home with so many little ones, no real connections with the outside world, it is really hard. I would listen for the mail man. Everyday I would sit and listen and watch for the mailman and as soon as he'd drop my mail in the box, I'd be out there! Nine times out of ten it was just bills but it was something from the outside world.

The other day, I forgot to get the mail and I mused to myself that a few years ago, that would never have happened. The only reason I get the mail now is so that the mail man won't yell at me because he can't squish anymore mail into my mailbox and to get off my lazy bahootie and clean it out!

The blogging world came along and changed that for me. It was a window into a society really. The blogging world is a society of its own. People I have never met before, I feel intimately connected to from reading their blogs. When they write about the good times I rejoice and laugh with them. When they have hard times, I am sad with them and pray for them. People I have never met before and yet I feel like I do! Don't get me started on the tutorials! The hours people put into putting up photos and teaching us how to make and do things!

And I know the same goes for those who read my blog which truly amazes me by the way. That anybody other than family who feel obligated to read, would read because as I said, I'm not a writer. I'm a spastic stay at home mom who obviously needs to get out more!

A lot of times I write for my parents and siblings. They live far away and so by writing and posting photos, they get to see their grand kids, niece, and nephews.

This past week with Mr. J being so sick, I realized that I blog for another reason too. Sitting here day after day on the couch holding a crying little guy made me feel like I did years ago with so many little ones crying and crawling all over me hour after hour. Day after day. I needed a connection with the outside world. I needed to talk to all of you. So I would sit here holding my little one and read/listen to you as you wrote about your day. I've not been able to comment much but I am here listening!

So that, my friends, is why I blog! It's a connection. And I thank you all for it!


  1. Amen sista! AMEN!

    And thank you to Kristen, for hounding you to start.

  2. Thank you for blogging. That is the same reason that I read blogs! It is a rejuvenating and uplifting connection.

  3. my life is so much easier than yours when you were my age ;). I also love keeping in contact with friends that became like family for a short time, then moved away when school was done.

  4. AMEN! And I agree with Natalie, thank you to Kristen for encouraging you to start. I enjoy listening to your stories and keeping in touch.

  5. Let the church say: "Amen!" Oh, wait - Chastina and Nat have already said that. But yeah - me, too. The mail in the mailbox. I even used to check it AFTER I'd already gotten it for the day.

    Blessings, blessings!

    And even good friends (like us) get to know each other better when they are writing about their lives from the inside out. Deep value. Wonderful.

  6. And so many of those things are the reasons we all keep coming back and read.

  7. Rachel,
    I totally get what you are saying. I often feel the same way. Blogging has opened doors for me also. I love to keep up with what is going on with Levi and your family. Thanks for looking at my blog occasionally too. Glad we all have a way to stay connected :)

  8. And without your blog, we would not be as connected nor would I know you like I do. Thank you beautiful. You are loved.

  9. Well said. Particularly when you said "People I have never met before, I feel intimately connected to from reading their blogs." I KNOW you were talking about me! (hahahah) I have loved getting to "know" you through your blog. I feel like you are one of my good, good friends...even though we have probably spent a total of 10 minutes in each other's presence. :)

  10. I only read blogs that nourish me in some way . . . yours makes me laugh and reminds me to count my blessings.

    That's good.

  11. You are loved, Rachel. :)


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