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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh Look! Another Snowman!

Yesterday was the first day of Chanukah. We had big plans. Lots of people. Lots of food, fun, and games.

The Native's made puppets and put together a puppet show so that they could teach our guests about the festival of lights and why we celebrate Chanukah. They'd worked on the puppet show for over a month. It takes that long to glue googly eyes on wooden spoons. Trust me.

Yesterday morning, I had to e-mail all of our guests. Mr. J, my baby is sick. Really really sick. Not something the guests want to catch and bring home for the holidays.

Totally stunk! Literally. Barf wreaks!

But the good news is: Chanukah lasts for eight days!!! So, hopefully somewhere in those eight days, Mr. J will get better and we can still have the party! I'm craving latkes man!

Oh, and I finished knitting this baby sweater and hat. The hat is my favorite...... and what does the snowman have to do with all of this? Nothing. He was just hangin' around so I put him to work displaying the sweater and hat. My baby sis said he makes an ugly baby. I told her he gets his nose from the Jewish side of the family.....


  1. #1- I LOVE the sweater/hat! So stinkin' adorable!

    #2- What's a latke? Isn't it one of those fancy drinks they serve at Starbucks?

    #3- I hope Mr. J is on the up-and-up soon!

  2. So cute! The hat is my favorite, too. Snowmen always look so COLD! I'm sure he appreciates it. :-)

  3. The sweater and hat are waaaay cute . . . I'm sorry your boy is sick . . . why does your family celebrate Chanukah? . . . I've secretly thought it would be a lovely holiday to celebrate--and in fact I have celebrated it once or twice in my life . . . I'm just curious about your reasons . . . and Gerb, latkes are little potato pancakes . . . delicious!

  4. Cute snowman and very cute sweater and hat!

  5. Gerb, 1. Thank you!
    2. So fancy you have
    to drink it with
    a fork!
    3. Me too! This is
    getting old.

    :D A latke is where you shred potatoes and add all sorts of goodness and then you deep fry em. Kind of like hashbrowns on steroids. Fabulous!

    Korrie, The hat pattern didn't come with the sweater but I had left over yarn... and babies and hats just seem to go together... and when I saw the hat pattern... well. I had to make it!

    Anaise, We celebrate Chanukah because my Dad's side of the family is Jewish. We celebrate Chanukah and Passover. Basically, it's all about the food... :D

    Chastina, Thank you!!

  6. I made latke out of our left over sweet potatoes. Not kosher, maybe, but good. Whooo-hoo. And the Snowman, nose or no nose, will be nothing to the baby who shows up wrapped in those pieces of hand crafted brilliance. So there. Mazeltof!


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