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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Carolers... Where Have They Gone

Photo Credit--I would if I could if I knew...

Christmas caroling. Growing up we did it every year. Mom would make her little cakes to take to the neighbors. Frosted in white with holly berries and leaves placed on top, wrapped in plastic wrap. We would load up in the old green station wagon and set out but not before Mom had us around the piano practicing the songs we would sing.

As we'd pull up to each house, my stomach would do that squeeze and jump up and down thing. Mom would hand me one of the cakes. It was my job, when all the songs we'd practiced were sung and we'd sing, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" as our grand finale, I would walk up to our neighbor and hand them the cake.

I've gone Christmas caroling with The SM and Native's a handful of times since we've been married. It seems..... like hand written letters.... it is becoming a lost art. I miss the magic of Christmas carolers.

Last night, after a day of watching the world around me covered in snow, I decided I was cold and wanted a fire. I went out onto my front porch and started to bring in some wood. I picked up a piece of wood and turned to walk in the house. I paused. I heard something. With the new fallen snow acting like a muffler to normal city noises I could hear something off in the distance. I strained my ears and heard the sweet strains of, "Silent Night" being sung.

I came into the house, grabbed a quilt, wrapped myself up in it, and went back out on the porch to listen. Voices. Beautiful voices and the words came to my mind, and the heavens shall open and angles will sing and praise His glorious name.

I heard angels singing last night, on that peaceful and quiet night. I heard angels as they walked from house to house, raising their voices, and singing praises to our King.

I hope the neighborhood youth will make this a tradition and do it again next year. And to The SM (who is one of the youth leaders) who came up with the wonderful idea and put together the songs to be sung.... it was beautiful and a great way to bring in the Christmas spirit.

Merry Christmas! "God bless us, everyone".


  1. I SO agree, Rachel! My brother and I caroled every year with friends, my husband's family had a tradition like yours and now we make our kids do it with us. Everyone is always amazed that we can get all of our kids to willingly sing at their doorsteps. The thing is, they love it! It brings about the spirit of Christmas.

  2. I had plans to do it this year, but along with everything else, those have gone out - not with a roar, but a whimper. Today is for wrapping. Tomorrow will be for traveling to see/take people to family. Christmas Eve will be for sitting still, soaking in the moments that are left, trying to hear the music in side my heart, now submerged in frantic screaming.

    And so it is.

  3. I'd probably go caroling, but I don't think that people want hear just me singing…well, maybe they do.

  4. I really wish I could've participated in that! Sadly, I had a family thing going on, but I was able to see all the carolers walking down the street!!!

  5. Good going SM! Way to keep a tradition alive.

  6. Gerb, We've not done it for the last couple of years. We need to do it again. The Native's love it to!

    Kristen, Next year. Next year in Jerusalem! We'll do it then.

    Uncle Rush, They would! I would! Next time we go, you can come with us.

    Hanna, Oh bummer! I'm sorry you missed it. It was fun seeing them all walk down the street wasn't it?

    Chastina, Yeah. He's a pretty good guy.....


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